Quantumwave Lasers
A Revolution in Laser Light Therapy,
HEALING and Transformation

“The quantum field is just another label for the field of pure consciousness or pure potential.
And this quantum field is influenced by intention and desire.” ---- Depak Chopra

Discover Lasers is dedicated to promoting awareness of how to use technology, laser light, water and the power of intention to heal and transform as many lives as possible. Doctors, scientists and physicists the world over have come to the conclusion and consensus that our bodies are composed of at least 70% water, that our cells communicate with eachother via light and that by focusing the intention of our minds upon a subject or desire, goals and dreams become reality.

DISCOVER Quantumwave Laser (QWL), which is a marriage of quantum physics and medical science. QWL has taken quantum physics and medical science to a new level by combining precisely chosen multiple wavelengths of coherent light and subtle frequency energy technology. We are now blessed with a healing tool that supports unparallelled healing potential. This is a fabulous FDA Cleared Qauntum Laser, which is approved by the FDA for purchase over the counter by home users and practitioners alike. It uses blended laser light and frequency technologies, combining select healing wavelengths and advanced modes for shifting dis-ease and promoting transformation and healing on a cellular level.

Quantumwave Laser Package
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Quantumwave Laser, Cold Laser, Low Level Laser

Introducing a True 21st Century Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

Quantumwave Lasers

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NOW FDA CLEARED! With an FDA Over The Counter (OTC) clearance, Quantumwave Lasers have a product that is equally desirable by home users and seasoned practitioners alike. According to the FDA: "Indications for Use 510(k) Number: K091158, Device Name: Scalar Wave Laser System, Indications for Use: The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation..." The Quantumwave Scalar Laser System is made possible by a unique and patent pending scalar wave technology. The Quantumwave Laser (QWL) combines optimum cold laser technology with advanced quantum frequency features available only with this laser.

In order to provide maximum support and to keep this healing opportunity open to all, Quantumwave offers free Fedex shipping, a fantastic Quantum Referral opportunity, in house financing if needed and all the support you need to help get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

POWER OF INTENTION: Given the right tools and knowledge, we have the power to heal ourselves, to help our friends, family and communities and to accomplish "miracles". Intention is one of the keys in manifesting or healing anything you desire. Intention is created from pure desire and focuses the direction to, or from which energy will flow. "Energy flows where your attention goes". In addition to using our minds to control the flow of energy, we can also use tools and my favorite tool is that of coherent laser light technology, because it not only focuses the flow and intention of energy, but it also delivers an immediately usable form of energy (photons) directly to cells that need it, while simultaneously supporting the secretion and regulation of essential endorphins, hormones and enzymes. However, not all laser light technology is created equally. Please read on to discover why the Quantumwave Laser is in a realm all by itself.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a best selling book “The Power of Intention” and describes his research on intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. By focusing laser light upon the body we can tranform cellular structures and thus innitiate a chain reaction of possitive intracellular and alchemical reactions within the body that support healing and transformation. The only constant in our bodies and in the universe is change, and through our intention we can influence that change in a positive direction.

The Quantumwave Laser is the "Mother Ship" of cold lasers. It has been developed to work synergistically with the body's own self-healing mechanisms. Scalar lasers quickly cancel out stress and undesirable cellular memories by shifting polarity. They unwind stress, contraction and unhealthy holding patterns from the cells, while providing high quality and easilly absorbable energy in the form of photons. Clusters of photons are quickly converted by the mitochondria of the cells into ATP (AdenosineTriPhosphate), which is the chemical energy the cells need to rebuild, regenerate and reproduce.

The human body by nature is designed to open up to light and consciousness. This is a remarkable system of nature that allows for a higher degree of healing on many levels than offered from other technologies. The key is information and usable energy delivered directly to the cells that need it.

Your cells are like plants in a garden that need sunshine, water and fertilizer. But actually they need oxygen, nutrients and Energy (ATP). The Scaler Wave Laser delivers these essential components to the cells and tissues by using more true laser diodes than other laser products and in a unique combination of more wavelengths than most other lasers offer. The revolutionary Quantumwave Laser utilizes ideal red and infrared wavelengths, super violet LEDs for targeted cellular resonance and a wide range of optimal frequencies for total body healing. FOR MORE INFO Call or Text 808-870-0348

Scalar Wave Laser, the Ultimate Marriage of Cold Laser and Frequency Medicine.

It's easy as using a cell phone, yet profound like a Star Trek Tricorder.

The Scalar Wave Laser utilizes two patent pending technologies and combines the most advanced cold laser developments with state of the art quantum scalar wave technology. This is the ultimate tool for addressing multiple facets of health enhancement at the cellular level. It's the ONLY hand held cold laser to be equiped with a fully digital cell phone like interface for ease of use and vastness of user programmability. Features Scalar Wave Laser Technology & Unique Scalar Enhanced Violet Wave

Quantumwave Lasers can be used with or without the Pulsar Probes, however the probes expand the practitioner's ability to treat the widest range of conditions. The unique Pulsar Lasers come in red, infrared and violet wavelengths and offer considerably more power over a much smaller area. Pulsar Laser Probes are each fully programmable with the Wavestar all digital user interface to deliver pulsed frequencies. All three laser probes utilize violet crystal technology and are scalar wave enhanced.

Quantum Wave Laser, Quantum Laser, Quantumwave Laser Package
This Picture Shows the Quantumwave Laser Package II (2 Main Units & 1 of Each Probe)

Quantumwave Laser Features:

The Quantum Wave Laser is the first cold laser to introduce violet laser technology at an affordable price.

The violet spectrum has far reaching health and regenerative benefits. It is particularly effective at inducing key enzymes within the cell such as the telomerase enzyme and in activating the DNA sequencing for anti-aging and rejuvenation. This new violet wavelength takes healing lasers to the next level of quantum therapeutic wellness. In addition to the powerful 100mW, 405 nm Violet Laser Probe (this is an optional probe referred to a the Viowave), the Quantumwave laser system also incorporated scalar wave enhanced Violet LED technology into the main Scalar Wave Laser unit. 20 Violet LED's offer many reported benefits for use on dermatological conditions. By exposing the surface of the skin to the blue/violet spectrum, researchers have demonstrated that moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris is quickly cleared. The research of blue/violet light wavelengths of 400-420nm clear acne by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, and that violet light phototherapy is an effective and safe improvement for acne. It promotes proliferation of cell reproduction, enhances the micro circulation to induce healing processes for acne outbreaks, reduces the inflammation of acne spots and eliminates bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), which is the cause of acne. The Quantumwave Laser is safe to use and simple to operate.

Much of the research and development of the QWL centers around the shifting and deletion of the cell’s polarity of cell memory, with particular emphasis on unwinding the glands - which govern the cranial sacral system, the organs, and all cells of the body. For example, by working with the commonly over-stressed adrenal glands we have seen great results in the balancing and normalizing of glandular and metabolic substances such as adrenaline and cortisol, which have far-reaching effects on the body as a whole. Aditionally the Thymus gland when sufficiently activated and balanced has genuinely positive benefits of boosting the immune system and regulating stress and aging.

Specific Benefits and Features that Make Quantumwave Laser Desirable:

The Quantum Wave Laser is the ONLY hand held cold laser to be equipped with a fully digital cell phone like interface for ease of use and vastness of user programmability. It combines not just one or two wave lenghts, but a total of 3, plus a host of exceptional frequency medicine capabilities and 3 optional probes to allow for the widest range of treatment possibilities. Why be tied down with a cord and limited to where and when you can use your laser. This rechargeable system makes the QWL ultra-portable and yet, if the battery does wear down before you are ready to stop using the laser, simply plug it in and keep working with it. Additionally, the shape of the laser makes it very convenient for use. You can simply lie it down on the body or slide it into the clothing at desired treatment locations or place it along you back while sitting in a chair and lean back so that the slight pressure hold the unit in place for treatment.

Therapeutic Lasers are commonly known by the name of Cold Laser, Soft Laser, Biostimulating Laser and Low Level Laser. There are dozens of Cold Lasers to choose from in the market place today and you can see many of them online, however there is only one Cold Laser that even comes close to the matching features, price, benefits and usability and it actually pales in comparison. See for yourself below.

DON'T MISS THIS: Let's compare two of the most advanced cold lasers on the market,
the Q1000 Laser and the Quantumwave Laser:


Laser Functions

Q1000 Laser

Quantumwave Laser

Delivers therapeutic light energy in multiple wave lengths
Quantity of preprogrammed Modes
User can program desired frequencies
Comes with fully digital interface
User can program up to 100 frequencies in a single mode if desired
Quantity of Laser Diodes
Quantity of LEDs
Number of optional probes available
100mW Violet Probe Available
Can pulse frequencies through probes
Rechargeable battery - AC current
Works with direct plug to DC current
Ultra-Portable Compact Design
Manufactured in the US
Available in multiple colors
Main Unit Price
Probe Prices
$1700, $1700
$1600, $1600, $2995

As you can see, the Scalar Wave Laser has more power, more diodes, more frequency capabilities, has more probe options, delivers frequencies through the probes, it has OTC FDA clearance for the largest range of conditions, costs less money, can be used as a cordless chaged device or with a plug-in-cord that comes with it, it also comes with a carrying case, DVD, users manual and free shipping. Plus a bonus protocol and training manual including the most advanced weight loss protocol included at no additonal charge. This is an exclusive training manual is ONLY available from KP - Productions. To top it all off we offer a lucrative Quantumwave Profit Sharing Program with FREE website and back-office. It's truely incomparable!

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The full Quantumwave Scalar Laser Package is like owning a cluster type Q1000 Laser, an Infrared type ML830 Laser and a red laser spectrum Erchonia Laser, ALL for one reasonable price. Now you can take healing, rehabilitation, & cellular transformation to the next level with the latest and greatest combination of light and multi-therapeutic frequency medicine.

Features & Benefits:

What makes these lasers truly revolutionary is that we process the waves digitally through a patent pending technology which modulates the subtle quantum wave relativity of the light. This Wavestar technology allows it to generate scalar waves and a number of other wave forms all in sine wave (or rounded organic waves). Most cold laser systems use simple on/off square waves.
Comparative lasers use an outdated Analog Laser Technology.

Digital lasers are more efficient, more effective, more powerful and more functional. The Quantum Wave Laser  is packed with hundreds of frequencies, user programmability and capabilities that were previously unimaginable, even in lasers that cost in excess of $30,000.
With Scalar Wave Lasers you can scroll through 110 Settings
Each setting is preloaded with specialized frequencies. You can choose from an advanced digitally driven menu of labeled modes specially programmed with frequencies ideally suited for the item selected. A sample menu is provided below.
You can do no harm with The Quantum Wave Lasers. Correct frequency selection will improve your therapy results. Laser light has no negative effect on healthy cells and tissues, only beneficial and positive effects on sick or injured cells or tissues.
The menu selection is designed after a cell phone. As long as you can find your address book on your cell phone, you can find the program rich selection of The Quantum Wave Lasers.

Custom: This program allows you to create and add any of your own frequencies and provide therapy via Quantum Wave Lasers.
CUSTOM, this is where you can program in any frequency or any combination of frequencies that you desire. Where analog lasers are often limited to 1 or 4 or sometimes 8 frequencies per custom mode, with the all digital Scalar Wave Laser you can program dozens of frequencies into a single mode if you want and then save it to memory for future use. While analog lasers are limited to deliver the frequencies sequentially one after another, the all digital Scalar Wave Laser can deliver banks or 12 frequencies simultaneously.

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In a
paper published in Physical Review
Letters, Preparata and Del Giudice
demonstrated that water molecules create
coherent domains, much as a laser does.
Light is normally composed of photons
of many wavelengths, like colors in a
rainbow, but photons in a laser have a
higher degree of coherence, a situation
akin to a single coherent wave, like one
intense color. These single wavelengths
of water molecules appear to become
‘informed’ in the presence of other water
molecules- that is, they tend to polarize
around any charged molecule- storing
and carrying frequency so that it may be
read at a distance. This would mean that
water is like a tape recorder, imprinting
and carrying information whether the
original molecule is still there of not.