Scalar Wave Lasers

Advanced Cold Laser Light Healing

Discover Cold Laser Therapy Equipment for Pain Relief, Healing and Rejuvenation.

Join over 60,000 Happy Scalar Wave Laser users and experience vibrant health and pain free living. Prepare to Energize & Activate your inner Healer and infuse Trillions of your body's cells with ENERGY? A Combination of Red Laser, Infrared & Violet Light Therapy is the answer.

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Unlock your body’s true potential. Maximize and support your cellular energy for healing, recovery and rehabilitation. More ENERGY for every cell  + Frequency Medicine & Scalar Waves.

The Scalar Wave Laser is for you if you want relief from pain and joint discomfort, bad knees, sore hips, painful neck, frozen shoulder, aching back, bulging discs, heavy legs, headaches, sinus issues, stiff fingers, wrist and nerve pain, nagging Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow & Stress. It may also help for anxiety, adrenal fatigue, parasites, emotional & physical trauma, accidents, injuries, aging & EMF sensitivities. The Scalar Laser is popular among Chiropractors & Functional Medicine Practitioners, and also safe for effective home treatments. SWL is a top rated Photobiomodulation (PBM) device. 

Are you looking for the best cold laser therapy device for both humans and animals? We offer several Scalar Energy Healing Machines that combine cold laser therapy, scalar energy and Hz frequency medicine into a handheld personal healing device. 

INTRODUCING the FDA Cleared Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) and all Violet LOTUS Laser, which are world famous cold lasers. We also offer the QiFi whole home scalar purifier (EMF Harmonizer), Hz frequency generator up to 1/2 mile. Now you can get amazing relief at the speed of light, unwind, reset and feed your cells an abundance of ATP, endorphins, photons, Solfeggio frequencies and hundreds of other Hz frequencies with ease. You can rebuild, regenerate and raise the the frequency level of all cells and systems of your body with the SWL. Click the individual product boxes below to learn more or fill out our CONTACT form at the bottom of every page for personalized assistance. Your life is about to get a whole lot better. Special this month: Buy SWL Full Set or SWL Partner Package and get a FREE QiFi Purifier ($1400 Value)

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Scalar Wave Lasers

SWL Main Unit and Probes

QiFi Purifier

A 1/2 mile Scalar Wave Generator + EMF Solution for entire home, office, farm or clinic.
A powerful Scalar Energy Enhancement System (EES).

Lotus Laser

All Violet Scalar Wave Laser for Emotion Clearing & Manifestation

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The Quantum Leap

Learn about the benefits of SWL

The SWL is an Advanced Tool for Transformation
Your body is comprised of 70 Trillion cells that all need energy to function. The SWL gives your body an opportunity to reconnect with itself. This connection is important for helping to take you closer to yourself. The laser, light and frequencies provide you with support. The SWL delivers a flood of photons that are rapidly converted by the Mitochondria inside every cell, into AdenosineTriPhosphate or ATP for short. ATP is the fuel for all cells in the body. With the optimal wavelengths in the SWL we are able to address all cells and support transformation on a cellular level.
SWL Is an FDA Cleared Medical Device
The SWL is Made in the US, is an ISO 1835 approved medical device and has the best FDA Clearance in the US and Canada for Arthritis, Pain Relief, Reduction of Inflammation, Relaxing Contracted Tissue, and Increasing Blood Circulation. Most lasers are only cleared for one or two things. A professional quality laser requires significant testing and clinical studies. The SWL has been extensively reviewed and approved by the FDA, TGA, CE and Health Canada, allowing it to be sold and used on humans and animals worldwide.
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Customers All Over the World Say, "I LOVE MY LASER!"

WHY do tens of thousands of customers repeatedly tell us, “I LOVE MY LASER!”

The life enhancing FDA Cleared Scalar Wave Laser is an effective  handheld, ultra-portable, cold laser therapy device that safely melts away pain and tension, relieves stress and unwinds the nervous system. It supports deep full body healing of hard and soft tissue issues at a cellular level. The SWL perfectly combines 5 Healing Energy Technologies into the ultimate healing device. The SWL enables you to completely transmute and release painful, traumatic, and otherwise problematic cell memories quickly. Click to Learn about what is Scalar Energy and how does it work?

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Scalar Wave Lasers (SWL) are a powerful technology that literally erases damaged cell memories and revolutionizes the way your body heals. Each SWL features red, infrared, and violet light in a fast-working, completely therapeutic handheld device that you can easily take anywhere. In 4 minutes, your cells are repatterned and reprogrammed. Healing can happen quickly! Instant ease and relaxation, increased circulation, and a welcome relief from pain, tension, and contraction. Discover why tens of thousands of people in the US and numerous countries worldwide are using this amazing laser!  We offer the most advanced violet light, FDA-cleared Violet Laser technology on the market. The Scalar Wave Laser and Lotus laser is more affordable, compact, portable, and extremely versatile, with unique features not found in other lasers. 

Quantum Scalar Lasers use 3 Wavelengths including Red Laser 650nm and Infrared Laser 780nm, plus narrow beam Blue/Violet light 405nm, and 11 proprietary ESSENTIAL Hz settings, and a PATENTED Scalar Wave system that constantly flips polarity to clear damaged cell memories and support deep relaxation. The SWL delivers millions of photons to your cells that are instantly converted into ATP, usable energy to rejuvenate sick or injured cells. Scalar Wave Lasers also significantly reduce inflammation, which is at the heart of most major diseases today.

From 5 SWL Packages, QiFi, LOTUS Laser and Pulsar Probes

What is the Scalar Wave Laser (SWL)?

The SWL is an FDA Approved device that safely brings more light and energy into your life, your body, and your cells. This is the key to healing, pain relief, stress relief, and transforming illness, failure, trauma, and injuries into opportunities. An opportunity to turn your wounds into wisdom, mistakes and failures into positive action. The universe is filled with an abundance of healing energy. The Scalar laser, with violet light, and frequency medicine combine in the SWL to manifest this abundance in your being on a cellular level. Are you ready to embrace enhanced wellbeing at the quantum level, to support a higher quality of life? You will be so glad that you got an SWL and joined the thousands of people who gladly say, “I love my laser!”

SWL + Probe

SWL Full Set

SWL Partner

3 Optional Pulsar Laser Probes Available

These specially designed Pulsar Laser Probes utilize higher powered cold laser diodes in 3 distinct wavelengths, featuring 100 milliwatts (mW) of laser power and 20mW of violet crystal enhanced power.

The Pulsar Laser Probes come in Red 650nm, Infrared (IR) 780nm, and True Violet laser at 405nm (not LED) wavelengths, which is sometimes referred to as the blue-violet wavelength. All 3 of the probes are enhanced with violet crystal, revolutionary patented scalarwave technology and 11 proprietary Hz frequency settings . The pulsar probes can only work when plugged into the Scalar Wave Laser main unit, which provides the power and frequencies via a data cord. (Main SWL unit is required)

Infrared 780nm

Features a crystal tip with one 100mW InfraRed laser diode inside, surrounded by four 5mW violet crystal enhanced LED’s. InfraRed lasers are good for all hard tissue, joint & spine applications. DEEP!

Red 650nm

Features a crystal tip with one 100mW Red laser diode, surrounded by four 5mW violet crystal enhanced LED’s. Red lasers are good for all soft tissue, skin, wrinkles, wounds & surface issues.

Violet 405nm

Features a crystal tip with one 100mw Violet LASER diode & four 5mW violet crystal enhanced LED’s. Violet is a non-linear wavelength that supports DNA, Telomeres, stem cells, brain & spirit.


SWL is COMBINED w Hz Frequencies & Sacred Scalar Wave Energy of the Universe. Go beyond Healy and EES. Scalar Wave Lasers combine all-in-one. SWL is the ultimate personal healing device.

Scalar Wave Laser

Lotus Violet Laser

Scalar Wave Laser

SWL + 1 Probe

Scalar Wave Lasers

QiFi Purifier