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CLT and Anabolic vs Catabolic

Cold Laser Therapy and the HEALING PROCESS REVEALED

In this article you will learn how to better support healing in the body by understanding the secrets of the Anabolic vs Catabolic State, and how to use it to your advantage. You will better understand how Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) helps with Regeneration and Rejuvenation

Learn how to age gracefully with CLT. Ongoing cold laser treatments provide additional benefits to expedite healing and extend life by slowing the Catabolic state and increasing the Anabolic state.


All human beings age at similarly predictable rates, however some people age faster than others due to various reasons. The older you get, the faster your body will start to break down. Why is it that some people age gracefully and maintain full use of their body, joints and important faculties, while others break down at an accelerated rate? Beyond genetics, diet and lifestyle, early breakdown can be set off by debilitating conditions, sometimes early in life, such as an accident, a disease or a trauma, which reduces or greatly impairs the immune system or functionality in some way, resulting in potentially diminished quality of life and a shorter life. 
Read on to learn how you can halt or even reverse early or accelerated degeneration and thus aging?

Everyone is in a constant state of regeneration (an anabolic state) and/or decay (a catabolic state).

Your body is in a state of building up and breaking down simultaneously, but in different areas and at different rates. Early in life when your body is growing and filled with vigor, you body is in a predominantly anabolic state. Over time, as you age your body will slowly shift from a predominantly anabolic to a predominantly catabolic state, more consistently, which is a state of ongoing decay. This can occur slowly or quickly over time, depending upon many factors including your genetics, your diet and lifestyle, amount of exposure to toxins or radiation throughout your life, how well you take care of yourself, your basic constitution and so fourth. At some point in your life common body functions and the overall integrity of skin, organs and joints will start to breakdown or fail due to lack of energy and blood circulation. Functions such as the use of your joints, muscles, spine, organs, and glands that you depend upon will work less and less optimally or fail completely over time. 

The premier technology that will consistently support your cells in maintaining an anabolic state of regeneration, repair and optimal health, is ongoing cold laser therapy at home. Doing it for yourself, at home is the only way to make it practical and affordable for most people. However, it does require the right kind of therapeutic laser and a commitment to use it. The Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is ideal for these type of regular, ongoing treatments that support anti-aging, blood cleansing, rejuvenation and regeneration of body, organs and glands at the cellular level. The SWL is easy and convenient to use daily if needed. It’s very gentle and safe to use all over the body for the widest range of issues from cleaning the blood, to rejuvenating the skin, organs, glands and joints. 

The Scalar Wave Laser is filled with specialized healing frequencies, along with the capability to create custom frequency settings.

The Scalar Wave Laser is an incredible source of violet light, red and Infrared lasers.

The Scalar Wave Laser utilizes a patented process to bring in Scalar Energy from the Universe to support cellular clearing and rebalancing.


The Scalar Wave Laser is a personal, portable healing energy, frequency, light and laser therapy device that supports all 50 Trillion cells in the body to rebuild and regenerate. 

Continue reading to learn how it works.

Examples of the body moving out of Anabolic and into a Catabolic State include:

Arthritis, torn ligaments, back and shoulder pain, rotator cuff, elbow, wrist, hand and finger issues, neck, back and spine issues, Degenerative disk disorders, hip, knee, ankle, foot and toe issues, plantar fasciitis, macular degeneration, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, organ and gland degeneration or failure and the list goes on. With over 50 trillion cells in the human body, there is plenty of room for error, and something as simple as inflammation, or stress or lack of vital energy (ATP) in the cells can wreak havoc on multiple systems.

NOW, Enter the realm of moving out of a Catabolic State and back into an Anabolic STATE:

The healing and regenerative processes are restored. Cellular DNA and RNA are revitalized and cellular blue print of perfection is revitalized. Scalar Wave Lasers deliver a flood of energizing photons to the cells. The Mitochondria inside each cell absorbs the photons and converts them into Vital Cellular Energy called ATP. The cellular membrane becomes repolarized and the cells can once again take in oxygen and nutrients and pass out wastes and toxins. The sodium/potassium pump is restored. Cellular respiration is upregulated and the incredible Anabolic healing process comes back online.

Understanding the metabolic processes
Following is a list of the numerous reasons why the Scalar Wave cold laser, which is a biostimulating laser, supports the body and cells in re-establishing the desirable Anabolic State. Throughout the world cold laser therapy is increasingly used to address a wide range of issues. The newest term among international communities for this type of therapy is called PhotoBioModulation or PBM for short. 
• The Scalar Wave laser delivers coherent laser light energy to the cells, tissues and nervous system, which is inherently effective at getting rid of inflammation (itis), by deactivating 7 of the 9 enzymes that cause inflammation by up to 70%. Remove the inflammation and you end up with a much more supportive environment (inner terrain) for healing to take place. Inflammation is a root cause or contributor of most dis-ease.
• Only a few therapeutic lasers such as the Scalar wave Laser are FDA, Health Canada and CE Cleared for Pain Relief, Inflammation reduction, Increasing blood circulation and relaxing contracted tissue. 
PAIN is pervasive in our society and directly related to the Catabolic State of degeneration. The Scalarwave laser provides support by activating a flood of endorphins that induce a natural analgesic effect, helping to ease the pain, while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, which also aids in the healing process. The Scalar laser uses the power of photons and frequency and scalar energy to biostimulate cells, which produces great results in treating a wide range of pain, joint discomfort and degenerative issues.
The Scalar laser is anti-oedemic (reduces swelling) and greatly benefit the lymphatic system. 

Cold laser therapy helps to remove excess fluids from places where they should not be. Getting rid of swelling also supports the healing process by creating a more favorable inner terrain. Increased activity in the lymphatic system is highly beneficial and can be significantly increased by using therapeutic lasers. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of cold laser therapy. The venous diameter and the arterial diameters can also be increased. This means that both parts of oedema (liquid and protein) can be evacuated at a much faster rate to relieve swelling. The process of relieving swelling and increasing the lymphatic system activity speeds healing and repair, and supports increased elimination of wastes and toxins. There is more lymph in the human body than blood but no pump (heart) to move the lymph, which can become a stagnant pool of waste materials in the body, leading to dis-ease. Thus using SWL over lymph areas can help move the lymph and may reduce catabolic decay.

• Therapeutic lasers are also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-herpetic.

By deactivating these invasive and potentially harmful factors, the body and immune system is further supported and enhanced, and the inner terrain is more hospitable, and the immune system is more effective. Thus supporting the Anabolic predominance that reduces aging and degeneration.
• Research shows that therapeutic lasers naturally boost cellular metabolism and immunity by 150-200%.
All 50 Trillion cells in the human body have a metabolism that can be supported by the effects of CLT. Cell metabolism is a network of biochemical reactions that transform metabolites to fulfill biological functions. At the core of this biochemical network there are catabolic pathways that break down molecules to generate energy. This energy is then used to fuel biosynthetic processes and to do mechanical work. By CLT increasing essential blood circulation, white blood cells, T-lymphocytes and stem cells, the body is better equipped to support healing and rejuvenation. Cold laser therapy and PBM helps to re-polarize sick or injured cells, which restores permeability to the cell’s membrane so that they can once again take in oxygen and nutrients and pass out wastes and toxins.
• Most IMPORTANTLY, the SWL therapeutic laser application does something very critical to healing, which is a landmark achievement in healing and regeneration. It delivers photons to the cells via coherent laser light.
The mitochondria inside the cells are able to convert the photonic energy from the therapeutic laser into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the preferred form of usable energy or fuel for all cells in the body. Once catabolic cells that are sick, injured, or dis-eased receive the energy that they need, they are moved into an anabolic, healing state of regeneration.
• Cold laser therapy does not discriminate against any cells.
It works equally well on all cell types: skin cells, muscle cells, bone cells, brain cells, nerve cells, organ and gland cells. The key however is to use a laser that delivers multiple wavelengths of coherent light so that all the tissues can be bathed, because different wavelengths support different levels of penetration, photochemical reactions, enzyme activation and therapeutic results. Red laser for reducing inflammation and supporting superficial issues such as soft tissues, wrinkles and nerve issues. Infrared Laser for hard tissues, deep tissues, joints, cartilage production, bones and teeth. Violet laser for maximum information delivery, subtle issues, or what is referred to as Quantum, plus powerful enzyme activation such as the Telomerase enzyme, Telomere lengthening, anti-aging, and clearing of emotional issues.
• Violet cold laser may hold the key to age reversal or youthing.
The 405nm blue/violet laser wavelength carries way more information than all the other therapeutic laser wavelengths and it activates production of an enzyme called Telomerase. This enzyme is necessary to increase the length of the Telomeres, which are directly related to the aging or youthing process. Longer Telomeres equal a longer life.
What are Telomeres?
Al Sears, MD writes, “Telomeres are the bits of DNA at the end of each chromosome. You have them in every cell of your body. And the shorter they get, the older you look and the more decrepit you feel. When you prevent them from getting shorter, or make them longer, you program your body to create younger cells.” and he further states, “I’ve spent the last 6 years using this technology to help people just like you restore power, strength, mental clarity and an overwhelming sense of optimism. I have it, and it makes life more enjoyable than even I thought it could be. ……keeping your Telomeres long and healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep the rest of your body young and healthy.”
It’s time to move beyond food and learn how to feed your cells directly.
Just as you have become accustomed to feeding the systems of your body with food, drinks and supplements, you must also learn to feed your body systems with therapeutic laser light. These are easy, enjoyable, relaxing treatments that you can easily give to yourself or a patient. This is the technology of the future and it is available today. While cold laser therapy treatments from a practitioner are often desirable and helpful, it is important to open up to the possibility of self treatment on an ongoing basis to provide regular care, energy and internal purification and balancing.
Laser Hygiene is just as important and oral hygiene.
Just as you have learned to brush your teeth every day to keep them from developing cavities, you must also learn to feed your cells and support your inner terrain with therapeutic healing lasers. You live in a rapidly developing society, and are faced with unique challenges that your ancestors never experienced or imagined. You must learn to adapt or suffer the consequences of modern day stressors, premature aging and degeneration due to an onslaught of factors that include a myriad of chemicals, toxins, poisons, bacteria, and virus’s in your environment.
There are countless sources of preservatives, colorings, dyes, heavy metals and petroleum bi-products that you are exposed to in a lifetime. You are also being constantly exposed to invisible electromagnetic (EMF) pollution and devitalized or genetically modified food, which lowers your resistance, throws off body-balance and makes you more susceptible to degeneration and dis-ease. All of these things gradually wear you down and age you prematurely as they build up in your system over time, until one day the dam breaks and havoc is realized.
Most people don’t get started on their recovery until after a crisis occurs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose now to strive towards achieving a state of homeostasis/balance and optimal, vibrant wellness. Regular use of an intelligently designed therapeutic laser such as the Scalar Wave Laser, which delivers a blend of 3 optimal laser wavelengths and specialized Hz frequencies with 11 proprietary, essential frequency settings is an essential part of a positive life-routine. The patented Scalar Wave feature helps to repolarize cells, flip polarity and clear outdated cellular memories from the DNA (like pushing the reset button on a computer), giving the body a much better fighting chance of obtaining optimal health and balance. The future is here, and now you can benefit from this amazing laser technology that energizes, balances and purifies your cells, and will help to support a long, healthy, pain free life filled with vitality, success and happiness.

The future is here, and now you can benefit from this amazing laser technology.

The Scalar Wave Laser incorporates 5 Healing Energy Technologies into an Ultra-Portable Healing Device, enabling you to completely transmute and release painful, traumatic and otherwise problematic cell-memories.
Now you can revolutionize the way your body heals.
Scalar Wave Lasers offer a powerful and yet gentle technology. They use LASER light, energy, Hz Frequencies, Scalar Waves and polarity to clear damaged cell memories, while simultaneously providing cellular energy (ATP). SWL also significantly reduces inflammation, which is at the heart of most major dis-eases today. To learn more visit: Cold Laser Therapy Q&A

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Once you get familiar with using your Scalar Wave Laser
you are never going to want to live without it.
The SW Laser supports a whole new quality of life.



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