Scalar Cold Laser Skin Care

Laser Facials and Laser Skin Care are Just the Beginning of the many benefits experienced by users of the Scalar Wave Laser Cold Laser Healing System. Red Light Therapy is the new rejuvenation process now used worldwide and with the SWL you get true red and infrared lasers, not just LEDs. It’s Simply AMAZING! Discover […]

Acupuncture vs Cold Laser Therapy

What is the difference between Acupuncture Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and PhotoBioModulation (PBM)?  Although lasers are most popular for treating broad areas of damaged cells using a large-area emitter , there is a growing number of practitioners using lasers to stimulate the body through acupoints and trigger points. This article is about […]

Benefits of Scalar Wave Lasers

People often ask, “What are the benefits of cold lasers and what are the benefits specifically of the Scalar Wave Laser?” So we tried to break it down for you with CATEGORIES of Benefits and SWL TESTIMONIALS that describe real life benefits that real life customers shared with us. Click Here to Download a FREE […]

Why People Love SWL

The Scalar Wave Laser is my favorite cold laser therapy product available on the market today & our customers love it!Why do People Love the Scalar Wave Laser or SWL for short? • It’s super safe and portable, and comes in 5 different packages to support most needs and budgets.• It has the best FDA clearance […]

Light Therapy for Pets, Dogs and Horses

This Technology is Completely Revolutionizing the Speed and ease at which animals can heal! It’s FAST, SAFE, Easy and no eye glasses required.LOOKing for a Cool LASER for Pets?  SWL has 16 years proven success. Now you can quickly and easily give natural pain relief, comfort and healing to your pets at home.Learn the basics […]