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Scalar Cold Laser Skin Care

Laser Facials and Laser Skin Care are Just the Beginning of the many benefits experienced by users of the Scalar Wave Laser Cold Laser Healing System. Red Light Therapy is the new rejuvenation process now used worldwide and with the SWL you get true red and infrared lasers, not just LEDs. It's Simply AMAZING!

Skin care laser

Discover the Ultimate in Scalar Wave Laser Skin Care Rejuvenation
Features a 36 diode multi-wavelength cluster laser that covers 2.5″ diameter.
Plus use 650 nm, 100 mW Red Pulsar Laser Probe &
405 nm, 100 mW Violet Laser Probe 
for Skin Rejuvenation, Tightening, Toning and Anti-aging 


Welcome to the new frontier of Laser Light Therapy! 

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Now you can experience advanced healing, laser skin care rejuvenation, tightening, toning, smoothing, regenerating and anti-aging with cold laser or soft laser therapy utilizing the Scalar Wave Laser. More wavelengths mean more levels of healing. Choose from red, Infrared, violet or all 3 wavelengths simultaneously in the amazing Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) main unit.

Cell Energy

Collagen Molecule

*Rejuvenate Your Skin from the inside out – Better Circulation, Reduced Inflammation & Increased Collagen & Elastin = Firmer, Tighter, Clearer, Toned, Radiant Skin.

Definition of Elastin
A protein forming the main constituent of elastic connective tissue, found especially in the dermis of the skin. 

*You can easily support the production of collagen and elastin, which firms and tones the skin, heals scars and essentially allows for a natural “face lift” without drugs, injections or surgery. The SWL uses the ultimate combination of red, infrared and violet to support healing and rejuvenation of the skin cells and tissues. The SWL is in a class of medical devices using optimum wavelengths and frequencies to effect positive changes in the human body and on the skin. 

 is a protein in connective tissue that is elastic and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched. Elastin is also an important load-bearing tissue in the bodies of vertebrates and used in places where mechanical energy is required to be stored.


FDA Over-The-Counter (OTC) Clearance

You’ll be happy to know that all our devices are engineered for many years of trouble free use with only minimum maintenance and care. These lasers are FDA Cleared with Over The Counter (OTC) Clearance, which means that they are extremely safe for regular use and that anyone can buy and use them without a prescription. These lasers are manufactured in the USA to medical quality standards. 


* My first use of the laser was one of pure essence of feeling the joy of literally being sooo relaxed & calm that it produced an AWESOME out of body experience! The clarity of being was truly most unforgettable!!! – Dr. Rosee M. 


We started using the laser four weeks ago in our hair salon doing “facials.” I was picked to be the model, 55 years of age and a heavy smoker for many years (quit four years ago). I had plenty of cell tissue damage. After my 2nd facial, a few people noticed a change. But after my 3rd session everyone noticed, and by my 4th session, people were saying, “I want what you have!!” And the rest is history!


* My experience from all this is that I am a much more calm and happy person. I feel a sense of inner peace.
– Bev M.

* I absolutely love my laser. I have owned it now for 6 months. My health challenges over the past 13 years have been related to autoimmune illnesses…Lupus and RA. Since purchasing the laser I have not only had decreased joint pain involvement, but joints that were unstable from erosion due to years of swelling and disease aggression are getting stronger and becoming more stable. My husband uses the laser as well and was treating a chronic fungal infection on both his great toes. The nail has now begun to grow in normally and the unsightly black discoloration has gone. In the process we noticed that he has begun to grow new hair in the balding spot on the top of his head!

I have shared my laser with my friends and family and they are amazed at how calming the unwind protocol makes them feel. It has help ease pulled muscles, rib pain, etc.

I believe it should be part of everyone’s home first aid kit.
– J. O. 

* Used the laser with the Violet probe on patients wrinkles and sun damage could tell immediate difference. After 12 treatments, she thinks she looks at least ten years younger.

– Cheryl S.

                                               SWL Healing

The Main Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) System

The main SWL is an ultra-portable, hand-held, rechargeable, cordless, multi- wavelength, resonating LASER with 36 diode cluster sporting 3 ideal wavelengths. PLUS, it works with 3 optional stimulating laser probes that deliver more specific and concentrated laser wavelengths in Red, Infrared and Blue/Violet. These 3 OPTIONAL pulsed laser probes are powered by the main SWL unit. The probes are ideal for doing laser skin care, acupoint therapy for natural facelift procedure, stimulates elastin production in the skin and much more. Use of the probes will be discussed later in this web site. The SWL combines advanced cold laser technology with state of the art quantum scalar technology to address many facets of health and dis-ease. 


While most lasers are limited to square wave-forms and analog technology, the Scalar Wave Laser is fully digital and utilizes multiple wave forms to effectively saturate the cells with photonic energy at multiple depths of penetration.


With the SWL you get much more for less money. A total of 160mW of power spread over 2.5 inches surface area with 36 5mW diodes. The SWL contains a winning combination of 8 visible red 650 nm and 8 invisible infrared 780 nm laser diodes, plus 20 violet 405 nm LEDs. With the SWL turned on, if you were to look indirectly at the aperture or laser face, you would see 8 laser diodes shining red, 20 LEDs shining violet and another 8 laser diodes that appear colorless. Do not worry, the colorless diodes are working, you simply cannot see the light they emit because infrared (IR) wavelengths are invisible to the human eye. IR is a longer wavelength and perfectly safe, with deeper penetration for deep healing and pain relief.

Laser Light Therapy is remarkably safe and effective on the skin, with no reported negative side effects, except occasional dryness of the skin if over-used. Follow treatment guidelines and if skin appears overly dry, simply reduce the number of treatments per week. Treatments of one to three times per week are usually sufficient to produce age defying results. 


Here is a Laser Skin Care TESTIMONIAL that reveals this lasers incredible ability to rejuvenate the skin:
* “We have a lady in Manitoba that burnt herself so badly, she was scheduled for skin graphs and extreme reconstructive surgery. After 2 weeks of 3 hours/day with the SWL and she is back to her job as a music teacher, and the doctors are completely dumbfounded and amazed. Her hands were burnt to the bone and 2 weeks later, you can hardly tell aside from some pink skin.”
– Jalquoi A

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Scalar Wave Skin Care

All natural, pain free and totally safe

Cold laser therapy and rejuvenation devices have been used actively in the medical, beauty and anti-aging field around the world for over 25 years. This stuff really works! Practitioners tell us that this is the best photo-facial and cold laser healing equipment they have ever used and they can’t believe the prices compared to other units they have purchased, which are not as convenient, effective and easy to use.

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out, and the outside in

The Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is also an ideal anti-aging, pain management and healing laser. It is loaded with pre-programmed frequencies that support the rejuvenation of the skin, organs, glands, muscles, bones, tendons, ligament, meridians, emotions and charkas by working on a cellular level to donate photonic and scalar energy, while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The SWL gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension and old holding patterns out of the body and clears cellular memory to support perfect healing.

According to a recent WebMD article:

“…the mind and the skin are intimately intertwined. You name it: acne, eczema, hives, rosacea, psoriasis, alopecia (hair loss), vitiligo(depigmented white spots on the skin), trichotillomania (hair pulling) and self-mutilation disorders, many skin disorders take their roots from or place their roots in the psyche.”

“…using new treatments for skin disorders including lasers, doctors are better able to treat both the skin and the emotional issues than ever before, [Dr. Katz] says.”



* I have been using the laser for about a month. I have lost weight and the swelling in my left leg has gone down and circulation increased. I have more energy and awareness. Also experiences pain relief in my hips. I feel very relaxed after I use the laser. Thank you!

– Irving G. 

* I am getting younger! I heard about the unwinding process and began to do it daily. Within about 6 weeks people began to say, “have you had work done?” (cosmetic surgery) The work was on my thymus (anti-aging gland) appears to have turned back the clock!

– Cathy S. 


It combines the most advanced cold laser technology with state of the art quantum scalar wave technology to address all facets of health, dis-ease and addictions. While most lasers are limited to square wave-forms and analog technology, the Scalar Wave Laser is fully digital and utilizes multiple wave forms including:

Scalar Wave Facial

  • Sine waves
  • Scalar waves and
  • Square waves 

With SWL you get much more for less money. While most lasers have limited, preset or no frequency capabilities, the Scalar Wave Laser is fully digital and infinitely programmable to any frequency you desire in the 1-20,000 Hz range. Plus, it comes with 11 easy to use menu driven preset frequency settings to address most conditions from skin and bones to organs and glands and everything in between.



* I have been using the violet probe for facial purposes. At first, there were subtle changes on my face. I saw the eyes lifting. After using it for about 2-3 weeks, I noticed a lot more changes. My face is smoother, clearer, less wrinkles. It is wonderful. I love my Violet probe.
– Jennifer W. 

* 1.5 years ago I had an appointment for a facelift but canceled at the last minute. Something didn’t feel right inside. After purchasing the laser I began seeing a remarkable difference in my face. A girlfriend I hadn’t seen in several months told me “You look 10 years younger. What are you doing?” She promptly purchased a laser also!
– Karen W. 

* I first had the Unwind done on me after a hectic day at work. While Sylvia was doing this, she told me about the laser facials she does. I have had 2 of them – I didn’t know if I mentioned how de-stressed I look lately.

The Unwind made me a believer and the facials solidified that belief.

Today I bought my own.

– Cathy L. 

* I am an RN who twisted my knee while walking my dog. After several months of trying many things to relieve the pain, I had no relief. Doctors told me that knee replacement was my only option. It was then that I attended a Scalar Wave Gathering and had the opportunity to use the laser. During the gathering the pain was so improved that I was able to go dancing that evening. I had a couple of additional sessions the following month. It has been 9 months and the knee pain has not returned.

– Adele A 

* The scars I have from chiggers (six years ago) are almost gone from using the scar setting on the laser.

– Dawn R. 

* Another amazing experience with the laser was after I took a long barefoot walk on the beach in Hawaii. By the time I returned to my hotel room the hot sidewalks and sand had burned the bottom of my feet, and they had filled up with liquid.

I fully expected to loose the skin after draining the liquid.

I used unwind for about 10 minutes per foot that morning and again that night. The next morning the liquid had completely reabsorbed, but the skin was still loose. I repeated the unwind treatments that morning and night. The next morning the skin had completely reattached to my foot and both blisters healed without the skin dying and having to me removed.

I now have a new Doctor who doesn’t write prescriptions for drugs… Dr. Scalar Wave!”

– Kevin J. 

* Results may vary from person to person. 


Experience Cold Laser Facial Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging & Relief from Pain & Inflammation all in one laser skin care device. 

Scalar Wave Anti-AgingReduce or Eliminate Wrinkles and Acne with Ease. 
The Scalar Wave Laser works as an ideal skin care system, which offers superior power, performance and surface area coverage with multiple frequencies. Utilizing 3 optimal wavelengths, a digitally blended light is achieved, which delivers superior results. Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) promotes the production of collagen and elastin, firms and tones skin, boosts immunity, eases inflammation, reduces redness from blemishes, abrasions and acne, heals and softens scars and allows for a natural “face lift” without drugs, injections or surgery.

Product Description

Scalar Wave Laser  (SWL) Therapy System

Utilizes 5 different healing energy systems in one device to help refine, restore, regenerate and rejuvenate skin. SWL contains the same effective anti-ageing benefits of much more expensive Phototherapy devices plus additional features to enhance cellular activity and provide anti-bacterial benefits to the skin.

* Fight 10 signs of aging with one pioneering device:

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Counters dullness
  • Improves rough skin texture
  • Tightens tissue and muscle, to help tone and lift facial and body features
  • Restores a clear complexion
  • Improves hydration in dry and dehydrated skin
  • Minimizes enlarged pores
  • Improves skin’s elasticity through increased collagen production
  • Minimizes double chin, via tightening, firming and toning

* Additional uses:

  • Evens out skin tone
  • Improves acne
  • Soothes joint and muscle pain
  • Minimizes stretch-marks
  • Reduces cellulite


  • Cordless, handheld device with 36 diode main unit in 3 wavelengths
  • Rechargeable – portable
  • Available with 3 OPTIONAL treatment PROBES:
    • RED Laser Probe – Significantly reduces inflammation and redness, soothing skin, refining pores, tightening, toning, firming and healing of burns, wounds and scars
    • BLUE/VIOLET Laser Probe – Premier anti-aging technology, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, anti-bacterial properties destroys bacteria that causes acne, activates anti-aging telomerase enzymes
    • INFRARED Laser Probe – Amazing healing, joint, and pain relief properties with deep penetration to the bone. Supports significant increase in collagen production, increases production of osteoblasts and fibroblasts and significantly supports joint and spine rejuvenation and healing.

* Benefits:

  • • Affordable alternative to expensive spa and clinic treatments
  • • Easy to use, portable, handheld device
  • • Convenient – use it anywhere, anytime
  • • Maximizes absorption of key nourishing ingredients you may already be using on your skin
  • • See visible results
  • • Phototherapy adds anti-ageing and acne fighting benefits
  • • Larger, ergonomic treatment head, makes the device ideal for body concerns like cellulite and flabby skin
  • • Helps to tighten and tone for a more contoured body
  • • Firms the skin to encourage a lean and sculpted look
  • • Helps to rapidly remove toxins from the body and lymph system
  • • Improves the appearance of dimpled skin and cellulite
  • • Helps to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism to boost cell activity, reducing and preventing sagging, flabby skin
  • • Helps to remove excessive fluid and supports lymph drainage, enhancing cellulite treatment
  • • The Phototherapy technology clears the skin of marks, blemishes and spots, to deliver a smoother, even-toned look and feel
  • • Safe and hypo-allergenic 

Five cutting-edge technologies in one easy-to-use device

The exceptional combination of 5 different healing technologies in one portable handheld device has made the Scalar Wave Laser a preferred device for use in professional spa and salon treatments. Unique phototherapy benefits included with other technologies in the SWL help to transport essential nutrients to the skin, draw impurities out of the skin, and improve the performance of each treatment, resulting in visibly improved skin. Multiple wavelengths of red laser, infrared laser and the blue/violet wavelength stimulate the skin, promoting blood circulation and metabolism of skin cells, making the skin healthier and radiant. With the added benefit of Scalar Technology and Hz Frequency medicine, your skin becomes clearer, younger and healthier.


Scalar Wave Laser  (SWL) or LOTUS Laser Therapy System for just $2495 or add your choice of Red or Infrared 100mW Laser Probe for a total price of just $3200 or get an SWL or LOTUS plus all 3 Probes for the super sale price of $5100 for the full set. Call Now while supplies last and this offer is still available. Regularly priced at much more. Ask for Skin Care Rejuvenation Offer.
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Utilizes 5 different healing energy systems in one device to help refine, restore, balance and rejuvenate your body, organs, glands and skin from the inside out.

SWL Rejuvenate Full Set + QiFi

The Scalar Wave Laser incorporates 5 Healing Energy Technologies into an Ultra-Portable Healing Device, enabling you to completely transmute and release painful, traumatic and otherwise problematic cell-memories.
Now you can revolutionize the way your body heals.
Scalar Wave Lasers offer a powerful and yet gentle technology. They use LASER light, energy, Hz Frequencies, Scalar Waves and polarity to clear damaged cell memories, while simultaneously providing cellular energy (ATP). SWL also significantly reduces inflammation, which is at the heart of most major dis-eases today.

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Once you get familiar with using your Scalar Wave Laser
you are never going to want to live without it.
The SW Laser supports a whole new quality of life.



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