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Use Scalar Laser for what?

People are asking, “What Can I use the Scalar Laser for?”


It’s not just a laser. It’s a quantum healing tool with advanced quantum technology that makes it possible to address a very wide range of issues. Exposure to stress, trauma, accidents, injury, illness, and dis-ease contributes to energy blockages around the body, which become “weak spots” if not properly addressed. As people get older, the weak areas of old injuries are the first to become sore and troublesome. Over time we develop many layers of contraction, which takes time, focus and intention to unravel, and the Scalar Laser is the best tool to support a return to balance. 

The Scalar Wave Laser is an extremely versatile tool to address many issues of pain, inflammation, aging, sleep, digestion and stress when they arise. The Scalar laser is famously used as a daily “tune-up” tool for performing regular maintenance on your physical, mental and emotional body. Doing so gives your cells and nervous system everything needed to relax, let go and unwind, which allows your body to reset, heal and re-energize like the battery that it is. When your biofield is reinforced and polarity is restored, every part of your body can relax. When cellular communication is restored, the innate intelligence of your body kicks in to rebuild worn out cells and physical structures, balance organs and glands, increase circulation, mitigate pain, and support a return to a state of health and abundance, which is your birthright.

Practitioners are raving about this laser and claiming that it helps to create new cell patterns and clear old cell memory and clean the blood. Some say that they use it to address parasites, infections, heavy metal toxicity, emotional trauma, digestive distress, correct pH levels and more. Results will vary from person to person. The most important part is that it helps to bring the body back into balance and then the body can heal itself and the lasers deliver photons to the compromised cells, which are converted into ATP by the Mitochondria. ATP is the fuel source of all cells in the body. It does all this quickly and on a QUANTUM level to support you. As the reprogrammed cells duplicate, they will continue to divide into healthier cells. You are creating your health or dis-ease at the cellular level and the proactive effect of using a Scalar laser is pretty amazing!

A Brief Description of the 11 SWL ESSENTIALS Programs or Settings in the Scalar Wave Laser & LOTUS Laser:


Essentials represents the 11 core settings used in the SWL and LOTUS laser. Each setting is a proprietary combination of frequencies that set the SWL apart from other lasers. They were specially chosen by the inventor, after extreme research and testing. They basically represent protocols for unwinding, pain relief, detoxification, regeneration, pleomorphic, immune boosting, organ, gland, emotion and chakra balancing, lymph and quantum activation applications. All frequency settings will transfer through for use with the probes as well. Following is a summary.

The Unwind Program is the most commonly used program or mode because it unwinds cell memory, stress and tension from the body, glands, organs, chakras, cells and energy systems. It is great to use on old injuries and on any situation, which has stress, tension and contraction. Any time there is sickness, injury, stress or trauma, the cells and tissues go into contraction. In order for healing to take place and for balance to be restored, the cells and tissues need to be brought back to a state of neutrality, which is what unwind does best. Using Unwind for everything is ok.

The basic gist of this program is the dissolving of contracted cellular memory and the return to the natural state of ease, which is neutrality. This is the easiest program to start with and consequently, the default program that can be used initially for any application, because it works on the principle that all injury or dis-ease causes contraction. To ease contraction and bring cells and tissues back to a state of neutrality, supports and accelerates the healing process. If you are lazy or confused about which program to use, just switch to Unwind and either place the laser over the area of concern or follow the unwinding protocol to support the entire body, bringing ease, gentle energy and balance into all of the systems so that they can work efficiently to rebuild and rejuvenate.

The Quantum Program is about shifting energy back into the quantum state. It works in a similar fashion to the Unwinding Program only it does so on the energetic and emotional level. It is a very popular program that works great on all cells, organs, Chakras and anywhere that is tense and contracted or in need of emotional clearing. Reported to be good for lower back among others.

The Relieve Program is great for pain relief and injuries anywhere on the body and also helps balance the neurotransmitter sequencing with the brain to change the pain signaling into something different such as natural opiate signaling. Also good for probe use on ear points and body pains. Contains the popular Serotonin frequencies, which are also good for addictions & dieting.

The Pleo Program is a detox and immune activation program. It is based on research of the pleomorphic somatidian life cycle – and in particular the regenerative state of the somatid. Research has shown that these tiny points of light within the blood go through a number of different life cycles some indicative of dis ease while others reflective of health and wellness. Our goal here is to unwind, normalize and activate the somatid to its regenerative state.

The Activate Program is based on higher dimensional quantum DNA physics and the principle of subtle regenerative coherence. This program is great for injuries, pain and any type of cellular regeneration including the support of hair growth and thickening. It’s also a good one for using with probes over acupoints and for facial rejuvenation.

The Rejuv Program is designed to activate the lymph system. We have twice as much lymph in our body as we do blood and no heart/pump to move it, so lymph stagnation is common, especially in those who do not get regular exercise. Rejuv helps to induce the electrons into a high spin state. When electrons shift into a high spin state they phase shift into an ether state such as lymph, cranial sacral, brain, sexual and glandular substances. This program is really a higher dimensional wellness mode to induce this high spin alchemical state.

The Soothe Program is a very soothing program for injuries, pain and stress. It works great by dissolving tension. It’s also good for use with the probes over acupoints on the body, face and ears. Good for doing facial rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle and acne treatment processes as it thoroughly supports the anti-inflammatory process. Removes the inflammation and creates a supportive healing environment for the skin and old injuries and even scars.

The Unity Program is ideal for neutralizing anything and everything, supporting a shift into unity. It works wonderfully through the violet laser light in the main unit and the violet probe for processing in-form-ation into the Quantum State. Works nicely with the Violet probe to scan the meridians and clear the energy in the Chakras and open the crown Chakra to the abundance of the spirit and a direct channel to in-form-ation that we can receive from higher consciousness.

The Vital Program is about activating the inner cellular energy. It is great for activating the immune response, activating oxygen and electrons, detoxification and clarifying energy, regeneration and wellness. I like to use this one and Pleo any time I feel the need for an extra boost to kick off a cold, flu or sore throat. I also like this one for bringing vitality into my organs such as Pancreas, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Spleen, Intestines and Kidneys. Contains the popular Ozone frequency.

The Cohere Program is ideal for bringing coherence to the body, Chakras (energy centers) and all of its systems. The body is designed in and of coherence and all health and or dis ease is simply the reflection of how coherent we are as energy beings body/field and how efficiently we can process in-form-ation. Contains the popular Chakra frequencies.

The Wave Program is for dissolving all cells and phenomena into one wave essence and then allowing that wave to expand into consciousness. Great for working around the head, and top 3 chakra energy centers. Supports the flowering of consciousness and opening to the divine.

Custom Hz frequency Programming is also available with use defined name tags for up to 24 empty settings. Each setting can accommodate up to 100 frequencies from 0-20,000 Hz.

Who uses the Scalar Laser?

If you’re not already convinced, check out who else owns and uses the Scalar Wave Laser.

      • Chiropractors
      • Functional Medicine Practitioners
      • Alternative Health Practitioners
      • Acupuncturists
      • Massage Therapists
      • Animal care specialists
      • Miami Heat

      • Shiva Rae (world renowned Yoga teacher)

      • The head trainer as well as some players on the 49ers NFL Football team

      • New York Giants

      • Patch Adams

      • The largest pain center in Canada (switched from $45 000 laser to 15 of these)

      • Many Harvard and Yale professors

      • Chaka Khan and other singers and musicians

      • Most of the people in the book: “The Secret”

      • ….The list goes on!

    Whether it be injury, pain, inflammation, toxicity, stress, or emotional issues, it doesn’t matter, the laser really works and anyone can easily use it to help restore balance, health and inner calm to life. You can order your new Scalar Wave Laser Here.