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Use it for what?

People are asking, “What Can I use the Scalar Laser for?”

It’s not just a laser. It’s a quantum healing tool with advanced technology that makes it possible to address a very wide range of issues. Exposure to stress, trauma, accidents, injury, illness, and dis-ease contributes to energy blockages around the body, which become “weak spots” if not properly addressed. As people get older, the weak areas of old injuries are the first to become sore and troublesome.

The Scalar Wave Laser is an extremely versatile tool to address many issues of pain, inflammation, aging, sleep, digestion and stress when they arise. The Scalar laser is famously used as a daily “tune-up” tool for performing regular maintenance on your physical, mental and emotional body. Doing so gives your cells and nervous system everything needed to relax, let go and unwind, which allows your body to reset, heal and re-energize like the battery that it is. When your biofield is reinforced and polarity is restored, every part of your body can relax. When cellular communication is restored, the innate intelligence of your body kicks in to rebuild warn out cells and physical structures, balance organs and glands, increase circulation and return to a state of health and abundance, which is your birthright.

Practitioners are raving about this laser and claiming that it helps to create new cell patterns and cell memory than can remove parasites, infections, heavy metal toxicity, emotional trauma, digestive stress, correct pH level and more. Results will vary from person to person. The most important part is that it helps to bring the body back into balance and then the body can heal itself and the lasers deliver photons to the compromised cells, which are converted into ATP by the Mitochondria. ATP is the fuel source of all cells in the body. It does all this quickly and on a QUANTUM level to support you. As the reprogrammed cells duplicate, they will continue to divide into healthier cells. You are creating your health or dis-ease at the cellular level and the proactive effect of using Scalar laser is pretty amazing!

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Who uses the Scalar Laser?
If you’re not already convinced, check out who else owns and uses the Scalar Wave Laser.

  • Chiropractors
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Alternative Health Practitioners
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Animal care specialists
  • Miami Heat
  • Shiva Rae (world renowned Yoga teacher)
  • The head trainer as well as some players on the 49ers NFL Football team
  • New York Giants
  • Patch Adams
  • The largest pain center in Canada (switched from $45 000 laser to 15 of these)
  • Many Harvard and Yale professors
  • Chaka Khan and other singers and musicians
  • Most of the people in the book: “The Secret”
  • ….The list goes on!

Whether it be injury, pain, inflammation, toxicity, stress, or emotional issues, it doesn’t matter, the laser really works and anyone can easily use it to help restore balance, health and inner calm to life.