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Why is the QiFi Purifier Popular?

What can the QiFi do and why is it important to support a modern life filled with technology?

Qifi purifier quantumfield inducer, scalar energy device

There is a downside to technology, cell phones, microwaves, WiFi, 5G and even the electrical wiring in your home or office. It’s no secret that tumors are commonly found behind the ear on the cell phone use, dominant side of people’s heads. Electro-Smog and Electomagnetic Frequencies aka EMF’s are the culprit behind a long list of physical and energetic symptoms that often go undiagnosed or untreated due to the fact that most people can not see the EMF pollution. Sensitive people can definitely feel it though and it has a cumulative affect on the body and nervous system. It can affect mood, sleep cycles, brain and heart waves, energy levels, stress levels, fertility and biological functions. EMF’s can permeate your natural biofield, which is like an energetic force that surrounds and protects you from EMF pollution, to some degree. However, with constant bombardment comes permeations and vulnerabilities that are sometimes referred to as “holes” in your biofield, resulting in an ever greater degrees of EMF sensitivity.

Many QiFi customers report that over time, their biofield mends and the high degree of sensitivity diminishes, allowing them to live a more enjoyable, productive, healthy life. I personally could not imagine living life without it. I depend upon and am surrounded by technology and EMF’s and I find that the QiFi Purifier provides a “safe-haven” and a level of peace and protection that no other product has even closely matched. It allows me to use the technology I rely on, without being destroyed by it. You can Order your own QiFi Purifier Here.


Each setting is a proprietary combination of frequencies that were specially chosen by the inventor, after extreme research and testing. They were specifically chosen to support unwinding, pain relief, balance, detoxification, regeneration, immune boosting, emotion and chakra balancing, biofield integrity, EMF protection and cancellation. However, this is information only and no medical claims are made. Use of the QiFi is at your own discretion and results may vary from person to person.

Unwind is the first setting (typically at 9: oClock, which causes the 4 lights to blink strongly. It unwinds cell memory, stress and tension from the body, glands, organs, chakras, cells and energy systems. It is great to use for helping to dissolve stress, tension and contraction. Any time there is sickness, injury, stress or trauma, the cells and tissues go into contraction. In order for healing to take place and for balance to be restored, the cells and tissues need to be brought back to a state of neutrality, which is what unwind does best. Unwind can be quite strong for highly sensitive people. In such a case, the left dial can be turned to the left (counter clockwise) in order to reduce the output. The basic gist of this program is the dissolving of contracted cellular memory and the return to the natural state of ease, which is neutrality. This is something most people, places and situations can benefit from and thus a good one to start with. It works on the principle that all injury or dis-ease causes contraction. To ease contraction and bring cells and tissues back to a state of neutrality, supports and accelerates the healing process and the strengthening of the biofield that surrounds each person or animal, providing natural protection.

Quantum is about shifting energy back into the quantum state. It works in a similar fashion to the Unwinding Program only in a more subtle manner as it does so on the energetic and emotional level. It works with all cells, organs, Chakras and anywhere that is tense and contracted or in need of emotional clearing.

Activate is based on higher dimensional quantum DNA physics and the principle of subtle regenerative coherence. Great for any type of cellular regeneration and biofield coherence.

Unity is ideal for neutralizing anything and everything, supporting a shift into unity. It supports processing in-form-ation into the Quantum State, helping the meridians and clearing the energy in the Chakras. Specifically helps to open the crown Chakra to the abundance of the spirit and a direct channel to in-form-ation that we can receive from higher consciousness.

Cohere is about bringing coherence to the body, Chakras (energy centers), biofield and all of the different body systems. The body is designed in and of coherence and all health and or dis-ease is simply the reflection of how coherent we are as energy beings body/field and how efficiently we can process in-form-ation. Contains the popular Chakra frequencies.

Wave is for dissolving all cells and phenomena into one wave essence and then allowing that wave to expand into consciousness. Good for working with contracted issues around the head and top 3 chakra energy centers. Supports the flowering of consciousness and opening to the divine.

You can Order your own QiFi Purifier Here.