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Mr. Kalon Prensky has been Providing Quality Laser Therapy Products, Training, Service and Support Online Since 2003. Dedicated to Saving you Time and Money with Fast, Easy and Safe Acquisition of Cold Laser Therapy Equipment, training and support for Scalar Wave Laser Devices.

Our Mission is to help as many people as possible to further their quality of health, performance and productivity in life. We love Providing high quality Laser Therapy Equipment that helps to transform peoples lives. So many people and animals need effective laser therapy. The benefit from our life enhancing, all natural drug free, scalar laser therapy products are extensive. Our unique SWL cold lasers help increases PBM and deep cellular ATP Production in the muscles and soft tissues, they increase osteoblasts and fibroblasts, activate endorphins, modulate enzymes and decrease inflammation responses. They also help stimulate elastin in the skin and collagen growth in the joints, mitigate pain and accelerate healing on a deep cellular level. 

Our popular lasers combine 780nm InfraRed laser with the 650nm Red laser wavelength, supporting pain relief and inflammation reduction for both soft and hard tissue issues. Since our customers want the very best, we also offer an added wavelength of 405nm, which brings in the violet ray, for a blended light therapy experience that literally outshines other lasers. This combination produces an abundance of photons for extremely safe low level laser therapy without the need for protective glasses. This safe, effective therapeutic laser provides life enhancing results that include pain relief, Arthritis relief, reduction of inflammation, increased blood circulation, blood cleansing and a relaxation effect for tissues, mind and body to support body/mind balance. For ongoing healing and great results in treating a wide range of maladies, get a Scalar Wave Laser today.

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“I have been providing health & wellness equipment to Chiropractors & Health Practitioners since 1990”

“My commitment to discovering, testing, using and sharing state-of-the-art health supplies & equipment is second-to-none. I’ve personally witnessed many peoples’ lives be transformed by the application of laser therapy. In fact, the reason I started my laser therapy equipment business in 2003 is because of many personal successes using cold laser therapy equipment on myself and others. I have personally experienced using over 226 different laser and light therapy products from around the world over the last 20+ years. Today we specialize in supporting our customers to learn about and utilize the best that light therapy has to offer.”

Mr Prensky is also the author of several books on Cold Laser Therapy including: Cold Laser Therapy and the 22 AcuPoint Healing System with over 250 Protocols Made Easy & AcuPoint 3.0 with an additional 250 Picture Based Protocols. 

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