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Discover Lasers Affiliate Compensation Plan = DLAC Plan


It is a pleasure to welcome you aboard as an affiliate of Discover Laser LLC. The DLAC Plan affiliate program was designed to reward our customers who like our products, and wish to use their knowledge and experience to promote them in helping people to find a natural alternative to pain, inflammation and suffering. Since our products are mostly promoted via work of mouth, we would prefer to reward you, rather than spend a lot of money on advertising. This is our way of supporting you to pay for your health equipment and earn extra income if desired. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This program is for you weather you know just one person or have a database of thousands. Let the affiliate link do the work for you and share with an entire email list if you want. The more people and pets that you help, the greater the rewards.

How the program works

After a customer purchases a Scalar Wave Laser from us, they can sign up to become an authorized affiliate. This is an easy and effective program for you if you wish to earn compensation from sharing the Scalar Wave family of products with others. Once set up as an approved affiliate, you will receive an affiliate link that you can use to share and promote the website. This website uses cookies to identify and notify us if someone you gave your affiliate link to makes a purchase. Thus, you will earn commissions on each qualified sale made through Discover Laser LLC that you have referred or introduced through you link. You don’t have to stock lasers or products, mail products, process orders, or deal with warranty issues. We will give you an affiliate website/links and a discount code to help you easily share. Promote the laser/products via the affiliate website, in person, through email, etc. All sales made on the website through your affiliate links/website will be credited to your account for payment as a commission. Once the laser (or other product) is sold, you will be eligible to receive a commission after 45 days from the date of sale. The commission will be automatically paid to your PayPal account if you share your related email when you sign up. While not required, it has been proven that owning more of the products that we offer will ensure that you have a better knowledge of the product, have more opportunities to share those products, and that you will sell more items and earn more commissions. We recommend a full set or partner pack and a QiFi to maximize your profit potential.

How to secure a referral without an Affiliate website

You must notify us by email or phone and let us know the name, contact info, and interest of any customers that you refer to qualify to receive credit to your account. If you give us the phone numbers of your contacts, we may call them to help support the sale. We are happy to work together with you on closing the sale. To avoid conflict between different distributors, credit is given to the first person, from whom we receive notification of a lead.

How to become an authorized affiliate

By purchasing a Scalar Wave Laser, you have the opportunity to apply for and attain status as an affiliate of Discover Laser LLC. The following minimal requirements are as follows:
1) Read this form and agree to it.

2) You must also fill out, sign, and return the IRS form W-9 to Discover Lasers LLC. A W-9 form can be instantly downloaded from HERE. Please email the filled-out and signed form. Upon receipt of the completed forms, you will be eligible to receive commissions.

There are no fees, dues, or monthly or annual commitments to maintain status as a Discover Lasers LLC Affiliate.

Legalities for domestic and international affiliates.

As a Discover Lasers affiliate, you are working as a private contractor. We will send you an IRS form 1099 annually. If you don’t have a U.S. passport, you might still qualify. Are you a legal alien? Do you have a green card? Are you allowed to work in the U.S.A.? If so, we can proceed with filling out the W-9 form, including your correct mailing address, tax ID number, and signing of the form. This will give us the info we need to send you the IRS form 1099 at year’s end for each year that Discover Lasers pays you in excess of $600 annually in referral commissions. It’s a quick and easy form to fill out. We only need to receive the first page filled out and signed. 

If you do not have a tax ID number, with which you are allowed to make money in the U.S., you may still sign up to receive a commission in credits that can be used towards the purchase of any products on the Affiliate website at Affiliate discounted prices. As an international affiliate, you are eligible to accumulate credits in your account towards future product purchases. You may also purchase qualifying products at your discount rate and resell them. Paid-out commissions are limited to legal entities of the U.S.A. only.

Miscellaneous Credits and Payout Variables

If a client you referred makes a purchase, your account will be credited after 45 days. You can use those credits for discounts on future products for yourself, your family, friends, or acquaintances.

If you refer us a customer who purchases larger quantities of units simultaneously, at a reduced wholesale price, we will adjust the commission paid out to you accordingly. This means you would receive less per unit, but multiplied times the number of units purchased.

If you opt to have a customer call us or have us call a customer to close a sale rather than using the affiliate website, you must send Kalon an email to identify the name(s) of the customer(s) referred to us as having come from you, to be credited with that sale. In these cases, we will do our best to keep track of everything, but it is also your responsibility to keep track of your sales when sales are made outside of the automated system within the website. If you sign the IRS form W-9 and it is filed with us, you will automatically get paid out a commission. There is a 45-day waiting period before payments are distributed, in case for any reason beyond our control, the customer decides to return an eligible product. Two weeks after the satisfaction guaranteed return date has passed, commissions are automatically distributed to your connected PayPal account on record.

Commission structure

Customers and affiliates of Discover Lasers LLC may purchase any products at the lowest published price on their DL Affiliate website, and then receive a 20% referral commission/credit for qualified items, which at this time includes all items on the website except eBooks. For SWL Full Set and Partner packages, which are heavily discounted, the commission is 15%.

If an affiliate wishes to purchase additional laser equipment directly from Discover Lasers over the phone, they can receive an immediate discount at the Affiliate discount rate. If an affiliate refers us a customer who is a family member or close friend to whom they would like to pass along their commission as an immediate discount (rather than receive a commission), then Discover Lasers will discount their referral customer at the designated amount, provided Discover Lasers receives an email or phone call from the affiliate stating that they wish to pass along their commission/discount in lieu of receiving it as a payout.

Rights and privileges

It is your sole responsibility to let us know by email of a lead that you have as soon as possible, if you intend to have them call DL rather than use the website. We will always to try our best to discern if a new customer has been referred to us and by whom, but we are not always 100% successful in doing so. To avoid conflict, in extremely rare situations where two Affiliates might be working with the same person, credit is given to the first person that we receive notification of that lead.

This agreement does not grant you any other rights or privileges than the ones stated in this form. Affiliates are independent contractors and are responsible for complying to their designated state and federal laws and tax authorities. Affiliates are not authorized to represent Discover Lasers LLC in any capacity other than as a referral agent (Affiliate).


If deemed necessary, we may terminate your account:

(a) If you promote Discover Lasers LLC or its products in a manner that is unlawful, unethical or inappropriate; or
(b) for any reason, in our sole discretion or

(c) This is an at-will agreement and may be terminated at any time for any reason by either you or Discover Lasers LLC; however, all credit earned will be kept on account for you for 45 days on all referred customers identified prior to termination if deemed necessary.

The Discover Lasers LLC Affiliate Referral Opportunity – KISS  
Discover Lasers Affiliate Compensation Program (DLAC Program):

• The DLAC Program is for you if you like to keep it simple silly (KISS)

• It’s for you if you would like to have your own Affiliate website, to make it easy to share the wonderful Scalar Wave Laser, LOTUS, Pulsar Probes, and QiFi purifier with others and profit from purchases by simply sharing a link in a website, email or text.

• It’s for you if you don’t like selling stuff to anyone but you love sharing and referring without having to fill out paperwork or keep track of sales and appointments

• It’s for you if you don’t want to add another business to your lifestyle but you would like to benefit financially for sharing your laser with others

• It’s for you if you would like an easy way to help pay for your laser passively over time with very little effort

• It’s for you if you would like to earn a 20% commission by simply referring a friend, colleague or associate over to DL and having Kalon Prensky, a 20+ year laser specialist, take care of them, answer all of their questions, and process their order if it leads to that. Kalon does not believe in hard selling anyone. He provides support and answers questions. The products speak for themself. 

The History of Discover Lasers LLC:

Discover Lasers LLC and Mr Kalon Prensky are located in Maui, Hawaii. Kalon started practice in holistic healing, massage, acupressure, nutrition, and herbology in 1985. In 1990 he started Pacific Coast Health Associates to share over 100 health products. In 2002, Kalon was severely injured in an automobile accident that severely damaged his spine and neck. After a year of extreme pain and trying all manner of tools and techniques with numerous practitioners to no avail, he finally experienced help from a therapist with a cold laser. It was a profound awakening, that led to the purchase of a cold laser, which he used every day with incredible results.

Kalon discovered that healing with cold laser therapy is truly amazing. The bulging disc in his lower back disappeared within weeks, and the nagging sciatic pain down his leg stopped. The degenerative and inflamed disc in his neck, which prevented him from being able to turn his neck from side to side healed within 6 weeks of daily use and the pain vanished. Then he read about how General Motors was using a cold laser to treat all of their employees with repetitive motion injuries and getting great results. He found an acupoint protocol and treated his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) with an Infrared laser probe. Amazingly, the CTS was gone within one week. That began what has now been 20+ years of Kalon Prensky sharing laser therapy products professionally and it sparked the birth of Discover Lasers LLC, with a mission to share this technology.

Welcome aboard!

We are all light beings made of energy and frequency. You can now share the healing power of light, frequency, and scalar energy to empower people to heal themselves and others. If you have questions or need support, you can email kalon 24/7/365 to Contact Us or call/text Kalon at 808-870-0348 . Email is the best way to reach Kalon. This is a wonderful, passive way to earn some extra income without much effort and you will be doing someone a great service by introducing them to some of the most fantastic life enhancing tools on planet earth.