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Article on Healing Lasers from a Massage & Laser Therapist

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Wed, 03/07/2012 - 08:00 -- Kalon Prensky

Article by Laura Monaco

Remember the book written by Dr Jacob Liberman,  “Light: Medicine of the Future”? Well, the time is now and the Light is from lasers.

Since the development of lasers in the early 1960’s, Hollywood and the United States Department of Defense have conditioned us with visions of lasers destroying, cutting, and burning. Do you remember watching laser sword duals in the movie “Star Wars “? We have all been exposed to lasers, often times not even knowing about it from the checkout laser scanners at stores to the laser diodes that are used in the new blue ray audio/video equipment. Demystifying lasers and educating the population is necessary to give lasers the attention they warrant. Many people are unaware of how good and safe a class of lasers called cold lasers or low level lasers really is. Even thought there are over 3500 published articles and clinical studies of this exciting class of therapeutic lasers, I still think there is more work to be done. I want to encourage more research and development of more protocols, and I would like to see less expensive lasers out there as well.

During the late 1960’s, lasers for healing were also being developed. Research found that the ruby red laser light penetrating into the mitochondria of our cells supplies photon energy for production of ATP. Cells regenerate and reproduce with this biochemical energy fuel source. This process is similar to photosynthesis in plants. Like with the sun, there is no harmful radiation with laser therapy.

Throughout my 6 years of using lasers in my massage and healing practice, I have seen many miracles of healing, including the increased speed of healing, the quality of repair, and the elimination of inflammation, nerve pain, bruising, and numbness. The truth is lasers do not heal, but they do fully support the body in ways that most other types of therapy can not compare. The purpose of low level lasers is to promote and support cell regeneration and production. Through this process, healing occurs.

Lasers for healing come in a rainbow of colors; red, Infrared, green, blue, and violet. The red spectrum lasers are the most used. The most common wave lengths of therapeutic lasers vary from 405 nm (nanometers) to 905 nm. Research shows DNA is repaired with low level lasers. Some lasers promote unwinding of trauma, cell regeneration in bone, nerve, and soft tissue cells, increased circulation of blood and lymph and detoxification. Our immune system is revitalized. Some lasers are programmed and others are programmable. There is a host of designer frequencies that work with some lasers to balance chakras, send light into meridians and acupoints.  There are no negative side effects and very few contraindications with laser light therapy.

If you look online, you will see that there is much research available on cold lasers or low level lasers. One neurosurgeon has found after numerous studies that severed spinal cords repair when laser light is applied to the site. This is exciting to me since I work with people who have bad backs all the time. You Tube has a video of a baby black bear that was paralyzed in his hind legs. After weeks of laser therapy he is running again.

I believe that someday every household will have a laser for ‘healing’  everything from staph infections to herpes, from tinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), to the common cold or flu, and from fractured bones to slowing the aging process. Clearly therapeutic healing lasers are an enormous contribution to society, they are used now worldwide and they are even gaining acceptance and credibility in hospitals, dental clinics and with veterinarians, as they work to significantly speed the recovery process after many different kinds of surgery.

Since 2003 the FDA has approved a couple dozen different therapeutic lasers for pain relief.  One of my favorite healing lasers is the Scalar Wave Laser, which incorporates 3 different popular wavelengths and a total of 5 different healing energy technologies into a convenient, portable, hand-held device. This laser has FDA over the counter clearance and can be purchased and used by home users and practitioners alike. It has quickly gained acceptance and approval around the world and is now available and used regularly in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, and soon Australia. There will be a FREE Intro to Healing Lasers on MARCH 15th in Kihei from 7-9pm at the new Exergy 35 Fitness Studio, 1993 S. Kihei Rd. #15 (in Island Surf Bldg.). All are welcome.

Laura Monaco is a licensed and insured massage therapist, laser technician, Reiki Master, vibrational healer, EFT practitioner, and researcher. She has practiced on Maui for decades. She teaches at MAHA and privately. She shares her skills at The Grand Wailea Spa and has a private practice on the South Side of Heaven on Earth, Maui.  Laura distributes lasers, shares information about lasers, and uses the Scalar Wave Laser in her sessions.