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Best Laser Package Ever

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Sat, 10/24/2015 - 11:11 -- Kalon Prensky

This is way beyond other cold laser packages. The Scalar Wave Laser Ascension Package delivers the most bang for your buck with 3 stand alone portable lasers, an energy purification device called the QiFi and 3 powerful laser probe accessories. It is truly AMAZING!

Scalar Wave Laser One of Everything Ascension Package

+ White Lotus Laser all violet laser

The ULTIMATE Scalar Wave Laser
Ascension Package 

You can purchase 2 SWL Main Units with one in each color of Silver or Violet or 2 of just one color if you prefer, and ALSO get one LOTUS Laser, and
one each of ALL THREE 100 mW Probes: (a Red 650, IR 780 and Violet 405)
• 1 780 nm Infrared 100mW Pulsar Probe
• 1 650 nm Red 100mW Pulsar Probe
• 1 405 nm Violet 100mW Viowave Probe

It comes with the following additional bonuses:
• Users Manual
• 11 Custom Modes
• 4 Power Supply Battery Chargers
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
• Custom Training Program offered Exclusively from

LIST PRICE is $16,500.00
Your Price: = $9,745.00 - Call for BEST Internet Prices.

BONUS SALE THIS MONTH: Receive an incredible discount off retail price and get FREE Shipping til end of month & also Receive a FREE $1400 QiFi. 

SALE PRICE to your door this Month

You are going to LOVE your new:  LOTUS Laser

PLUS: Free S&H and 3 Free carrying bags (one for each of your 3 lasers) This is an AMAZING Laser Package. Imagine setting each of your 3 lasers on the 20 minute timer and placing them on your body or your clients body. It's like a whole body 60 minute treatment in 20 minutes. WOW!

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Scalar Wave Laser One of Everything Ascension Package