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Dr. Nogier Frequency Medicine Revealed

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Thu, 03/21/2013 - 18:22 -- Kalon Prensky


Dr. Nogier - French Neurologist


Frequency Settings Used in Energy Medicine







Dr. Paul Nogier, was a French neurologist who's work is well known around the world. He is best known for his innovative work in the development of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture). Based on this research, Dr. Nogier's findings and innovations have had profound implications for neuropathy and chronic pain patients, by helping to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and assist in general healing. 

The following are the basics of Nogier's work as described in the book Healing Energies of Heat and Light, by Charles McGee, M.D.

Dr. Nogier developed a unique pulse test. This test enabled him to determine that all tissues and organs throughout the body (which develop from three basic embryologic tissues; ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm) are in resonance (sympathetic vibration) with specific frequencies. Dr. Nogier identified these frequencies as harmonics of the musical note D. This is to say that all the tissues of the body resonate to harmonics of D. Dr. Nogier found that these and other harmonics of D have healing effects. Based on these findings, he designed electronic instruments that delivered seven pulsed energies into the body for the purpose of healing injured or diseased organs and tissues. These pulsed energies induced healing by exposing damaged tissues to their normal resonance frequency. The importance of Dr. Nogier's finding that specific body tissues are in resonance with specific frequencies according to their embryologic origin cannot be overemphasized. According to Dr. McGee, it may (and certainly should) one day be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries of medicine.

According to Dr. Nogier, sickness results when cells, molecules or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies associated with that tissue, healing often occurs, sometimes quite rapidly.

Mr. Prensky has taken a keen interest in combining Cold Laser Therapy with pulsed light therapy utilizing specially chosen Hz frequencies that can be programmed into certain lasers. Mr. Prensky has been a Laser Specialist for 10 years (Health Equipment Specialist for 25 years). He uses and shares hand-held light therapy devices that combine therapeutic laser diodes with health promoting light emitting diodes (LEDs). He says that it is very easy to program a particular laser, which he uses with great results. It's called the Scalar Wave Laser (SWL), and it can easilly be programmed so that it pulses at any specific frequency per setting, or so that it broadcasts all 7 of the Nogier's frequencies shown below at one time. As a matter of a fact it can be programmed with any combination of dozens of different frequencies in a single setting, up to 40,000 Hz. Mr. Prensky, based on his work with hundreds of practitioners around the world, is convinced that such a device appears to have far stronger healing effects than non-pulsed lasers set on low power outputs or non-pulsed LEDs regardless of their wavelengths (color).

Following are the most famous frequencies that Dr. Nogier has shared with us, and which we can program into a Scalar Wave Laser individually or in combination. For the purposes of this article, let us say that we programed a SWL with each frequency as indicated below from 1-7.

1. (Frequency F, 73 HzFor use when cellular activity is hypoactive, such as chronic recurring problems, nonunion fractures and chronic splints and for stimulation of osteoid. It is also helpful in activating humoral and endocrine functions. Field work has shown setting 1 is helpful in stimulating (tonifying) acupuncture and trigger points and increasing circulation in areas being treated, such as wounds when past the acute stage.

2. (Frequency G, 147 Hz) For areas of yellow scar tissue that are generally formed internally on tendons, ligaments and sub-acute (lingering but not chronic) conditions. Field use has shown setting 2 to be helpful in reducing inflammation associated with injuries and infections. This is often called the universal frequency because most problems involve inflammation.

3. (Frequency A, 294 Hz.For tissue of ectodermal origin, such as body openings, skin and nerve. Field applications include wounds, eye injuries and after surgery. Setting 3 tends to tone tissue while minimizing the chance of hemorrhaging fresh wounds or recent surgical sites. It is also good for the treatment of acupuncture and trigger points, corneal ulcers and ulcerated mucous membranes. This is called the universal frequency in acupuncture.

4. (Frequency B, 587 Hz.This frequency appears to be most effective for neuropathy, but also for circulatory and lymphatic stimulation and treatment of tissue of endodermal origin, such as GI tract, liver and pancreas. In field applications, setting 4 has been used in conjunction with 5 and 2 for tendon, ligament, joint and other injuries where reaching secondary levels of tissue is needed.

5. (Frequency C, 1174 Hz.) For tissue of mesodermal origin, such as bone, joints, ligament, viscera and tendon. Field experience has shown setting 5 to be especially good for tendon and ligament injuries when used with 4 and 2. It also helps in relaxing large muscle groups.

6. (Frequency D, 2349 Hz.For chronic conditions not responsive to setting 3 or 5. Field experience shows setting 6 to be a good supplement to 3 when healing processes appear to reach a plateau.

7. (Frequency E, 4698 Hz.For pain control, primarily when C nerve fibers are transmitting to dorsal root ganglia and when involvement of neurotransmitters is of physiological importance. Field experience shows 7 to help suppress pain and to sedate acupuncture and trigger points and aid in diminishing excess calcification associated with chips, spurs and arthritic conditions.




The relevant settings for some patients are:

  •  #2 for anti-inflammatory effects
  •  #3 for nerve involvement
  •  #4 to improve circulation
  •  #5 to encourage new bone growth
  •  #7 for pain (if applicable)

Studies showing healing of numerous hard to treat conditions is common with cold laser therapy, which has now got a proven track record of over 40 years.

The Scalar Wave Laser was introduced to the US in 2007 and quickly attained the highly coveted FDA Clearance for the treatment of Pain, Arthritis, Relaxing Muscle Tissue and Increasing Blood Circulation. The OTC clearance meant that anyone could purchase the unit for home or professional use without requiring a prescription. Due to the overwhelming success of the SWL, Health Canada promptly cleared it for similar use in Canada and then it received CE clearance in the UK and throughout Europe. After some time and much work, TGA Australia granted it a similar clearance. 

If you have any interest in obtaining a Scalar Wave Laser, you can contact Mr. Prensky, Laser Specialist and he will be happy to answer all of your questions. Thanks to the widespread international acceptance of the Scalar Wave Laser, it can be shipped worldwide. For a free consultaion Call Mr. Kalon Prensky 1-808-870-0348