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I LOVE my new Multi-Solfegio Setting and you will too

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Thu, 08/11/2016 - 12:13 -- Kalon Prensky

I have a fantastic NEW set of Solfegio frequencies that I just programmed into my laser under one of the blank settings. I'm going to share this amazing set of therapeutic frequencies with you so that you too can experience their many benefits for yourself.

Solfegio Frequencies are known for their transformative properties and have been used for hundreds of years, delivering many benefits. However, until recently, the only way to experience their benefits was through sound, and you would need to listen to these musical tones, one at a time. This was very limiting because the exposure time was low and required your devoted concentration.
Solfegio Love and Thanks
Thanks to the many advances in modern technology and an improved delivery system, we are now able to deliver therapeutic and stimulating frequency waves directly into the cells, body and brain receptors continuously.
By combining patented Scalar Wave Technology with Solfeggio Frequencies that you can easily program yourself, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits wherever and whenever you want from your portable hand-held Scalar Wave Laser (SWL), which constantly delivers the Solfeggio Frequencies (as well as other beneficial frequencies) directly into your body and brain.
The SWL generates a high frequency Quantum Scalar Wave and modulates it with multiple therapeutic frequency signals. This Scalar Wave is at a very high frequency and is able to easily support the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the frequencies directly into the brain and cells whenever desired. 
Far Superior to Static Wave Products:
The Scalar Wave Laser, in addition to being a world class multi-wavelength therapeutic laser, actually generates Scalar Waves and goes far beyond the capabilities of most other products out there. Most products are passive and do not generate anything. They  simply use a wave that is stored in the item, such as bracelets, crystals, chips, pendants and pads. That is why the SWL is 50 to 100 times more effective than these other products.
The SWL generates ongoing waves as opposed to only having a wave stored in the product. Obviously it is far more beneficial to have something which produces an active multifaceted field rather than just a passive field. In order to have the product be active it needs to have a power source, which the SWL does, and it is extremely portable, thanks to the rechargeable battery system.
Here are my favorite Solfegio Frequencies, which can all be entered into a single setting on the SWL and be used simultaneously for quick and easy delivery directly to the brain.
• 396 - Liberate yourself from guilt and fear
• 417 - Support and facilitate smooth transitions and change
• 528 - Attract love and grace and support DNA repair
• 639 - Connection and understanding in relationships
• 741 - Awakens intuition and allows clear guidance
• 852 - Supports divine spiritual order
• 963 - Experience connection through light and spirit
• 174 - Facilitates the removal and clearing of pain
• 285 - Supports energy field synergy
Solfegio Chakras

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Solfegio Chakras
Solfegio Love and Thanks