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Lymph Protocol

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Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:59 -- Kalon Prensky

Many people are asking, how do you treat the lymphatic system with a laser?

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in the elimination of toxins and the prevention of dis-ease. When the lymphatic system is clogged and sluggish, poor health results. By the time the average person reaches 40 years of age, the lymphatic system slows down, which leads to all kinds of health issues including: inflammation, edema, weight gain, obesity, joint pain, reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to illnesses. While lymphatic massage can be nice, our cold laser therapy SWL device is ideal for gently and effectively moving lymph, supporting drainage, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.
Interesting fact: There is more lymph than blood in the human body. 
Lymphatic system treatment points
Lymph Protocol

It is good to work with the lymph, which is essential for maximum vitality and health, as it carries away the toxins from the body. However the lymphatic system, even though more abundant than the blood system, has no pump/heart to move it, so it depends upon our physical movement to support its flow. Sufficient flow of lymph is essential for good health and vitality. Lymph is ether, which is rich in high spinning electrons. The SWL is very effective for helping to move lymph/ether.

Key lymphatic points consist of multiple locations including:

Just below the collar bone on the front side of the body, groin points on both inner thighs, under the arms, center of chest, the spleen on the left side of the body just under the lower rib cage, and the abdominal cavity (slowly scan SWL in a spiral in and out, using the naval as an axis point). The spleen governs the ether and the lymph. In most people it is shut down because of the extremely high use of chlorine and huge volume of unnatural chemicals used worldwide in farming, agriculture and GMO production, which shuts down the lymph. (Use the Cohere setting for 2-6 minutes per point).

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Lymphatic system treatment points