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NEW 6 Month No Pay Financing Option for SWL

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Tue, 06/06/2017 - 18:38 -- Kalon Prensky

We are now able to offer this SUPER deal on most Scalar Wave Laser Packges.
6 Months NO Pay Financing in Conjunction with PayPal as indicated by the PayPal Banner Below. If you would like to pay with PayPal, simply let me know by phone or eMail and will email you a PayPal Invoice.

Discover Lasers LLC does not offer any kind of financing. However, we do accept all major credit cards over the phone and we also work with PayPal, which allows use of all major credit cards. PayPal also offers special deals for qualified consumers with something called PayPal Credit. In order to take advantage of their 6 month no money down offer, once you receive the invoice in your email, click or checkout with PayPal and then choose PayPal Credit option.  

PayPal Credit has a 6 months no money down offer:
VISA & MC off the other option:
The key is to get a zero percent interest credit card, with no annual fee, that permits you 12-15 month to pay back the purchase amount before they start to charge any interest. Here is a link for more information on the 10 BEST CARDS:

FYI - Did you know that you do not need a PayPall account to pay with PayPal? 
Simply click on the big blue link that says, "View and Pay Invoice"
This will take you to the INVOICE DETAILS page.
Click on the blue PAY NOW button on the top left of the page.
On the next page you click on the GRAY link button at the bottom of the page that says, PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.
The next page is a secure PayPal Guest Checkout Page where you fill in your card number, name on card and address details. 
Once filled in, click the BLUE button on the bottom of the page that says, PAY NOW.