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Reiki Healing vs Scalar Wave Laser

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Mon, 10/30/2017 - 22:32 -- Kalon Prensky

How does Reiki compare with the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser?

I was recently asked, “How does Reiki compare with the Scalar Wave Laser?” Over 30 years ago I was first and second degree certified to practice the Usui Reiki Healing System.  I have a high level of respect and appreciation for this healing art that originally developed in Japan. It has served me faithfully throughout much of my life. Both Reiki and Cold Lasers include the ability to move energy or Chi/Qi. Chi is commonly referred to in martial arts. Chi Gong masters are known for their ability to move significant amounts Chi through their hands and some are famous for their healing abilities.

The earth itself vibrates at the specific frequency of 7.83 Hz

Scientists have measured the frequency coming from the masters and found it to be from 7-10 Hz. The hands will typically heat up with both Reiki and Chi Gong practitioners. We also know that the earth itself vibrates at the specific frequency of 7.83 Hz, which has been named the Schumann resonance. Some advanced practitioners of another form of hands on healing called Quantum-Touch have learned to focus the energy like a laser, which requires a combination of clear concentration, body awareness and breath.

What I love about the Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is that you can feel like a healing master and experience similar benefits of a master treatment with little to no effort. It’s an extremely easy and reliable method to repeatedly experience exceptional healing and pain relief whenever you want it, with just a few clicks. It’s like having a healing master’s hand in your home or practice. Some people and families enjoy the benefit of  having 2 or 3 SWL units because it’s like having multiple healer’s hands working on you at the same time, plus more people can be treated simultaneously.

SWL is unlike any other laser healing device!

The SWL digitally and electronically weaves together ancient and modern knowledge, technology and practices to produce exceptional healing benefits.  It significantly reduces inflammation while simultaneously increases natural ATP/energy to the cells. While other lasers may use one or two wavelengths, the SWL uses 3 and then combines them with a wide range of uniquely selected therapeutic, pulsed Hz frequencies. And if that wasn’t enough, then the SWL blends all these benefits together with patented scalar wave technology, which delivers a non-linear form of therapeutic healing and balancing not found in Reiki, Chi Gong or other lasers. Scalar waves help to clear negative cell memory, while increasing the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range.

What is Bio-scalar energy?

It is a known scientific fact that everything is energy and that everything vibrates at different frequencies. Bio-scalar energy is a unique form of energy that can be harnessed and directed into solid objects or bodies placed in its field. You can use Scalar Energy to raise the vibratory frequency of supplements, food, water and other liquids. When used on living cells, the cells become more vibrant, naturally energized and more capable of absorbing nutrients and eliminating wastes and toxins. When embedded in nutritional supplements, food and beverages, Scalar Waves will make these substances more absorbable and bio-available, thus further raising the energy levels in your cells.

The higher the level of energy in your cells, the greater your cells ability to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins and wastes and build healthy tissues, bones, organ, glands and nerves. High cellular energy greatly enhances the performance and effectiveness of your immune system and your body’s ability to heal itself. Everything has a unique vibration sort of like a fingerprint, and all life is energy.

The energy level of your cells is measured in millivolts (mv). The healthiest cells have a charge of 70 to 90 millivolts. Degenerative diseases begin developing when overall cellular mv are significantly reduced. Cancer cells for example, measure  only 15 to 20 millivolts. Whole foods and fresh foods measure higher mv, but cooked, processed and refined foods measure low mv. Canned food has zero mv. Thus revealing yet another reason why choosing organic, whole foods and raw foods is helpful to support optimal wellness.

Every home needs a portable Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

When a Reiki Master or Chi Gong Master is not always available to help you, it is good to have a Scalar Wave Laser on hand to do the job. It’s ideal for the whole family or a busy practice. Everyone can benefit from some time spent in the balancing, healing field of the SWL. Isn't it about time you got yourself  one for the ultimate in pain relief, healing, regeneration, anti-aging and rejuvenation? There should be at least one Scalar Wave Laser in every home.

We have entered a new age in which healing with the sacred light is not only nice and wonderful but also necessary to stay balanced, healthy and rejuvenated; ready to meet the demands of a 21st century lifestyle. Laser hygiene is now a must for busy, stressed and over worked people. It is significantly improving the way people live. SWL erases pain, speeds healing, clears numerous health issues, increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, supports deeper, more restful sleep, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, heals Arthritis, relaxes contracted muscles and tissues. Have you lasered yourself today? 

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Once you get familiar with using your Quantum Scalar Wave Laser
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The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. No statements made here are intended as medical claims or advice and is for informational purposes only. Results may vary from person to person. 
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