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Root Canal

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Sun, 03/11/2012 - 20:44 -- Joy Gardner


Last week I went to my dentist, so he could work on my upper front tooth.  It had had a root canal about 20 years ago, and it had been dark for a long time.  He opened it up and removed a lot of dark material, indicating infection from the past.  He explained that the front teeth need a lot more novacaine, because there are so many nerve endings in the front. Then he put in a fresh root canal.

I was there for two hours.  When he finished, he explained that the work he had done was akin to sitting and tapping somebody’s arm for two hours; you would expect to come away with a pretty serious bruise.  He said I would be in pain for three days and that’s why he was prescribing Vicodin for the pain.

I knew I had Vicodin at home, if I needed it, so I decided to see what I could do with my laser (which was waiting for me in the car) I also took Curcumin twice a day (an excellent anti-inflammatory), and 500 mg. of Vitamin C every two hours while awake.

I put the violet probe over my tooth, and alongside my nose, which felt tender (probably because of the injections of Novacaine).  After using the laser, the pain was – gone! I ate dinner without difficulty.  I used the laser again, preventatively, before going to sleep.

When I awoke, I felt a tiny bit of tenderness, but it quickly disappeared when I used the laser.  I used the violet probe for a few minutes, twice a day, for the next few days and I continued the Vitamin C and Curcumin. I didn’t take any medication, and I was completely free of pain.

I feel so grateful that I have my Quantum Wave Laser. It is such an invaluable tool.


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