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Weight Loss with Cold Laser Therapy

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Wed, 10/07/2015 - 19:26 -- Kalon Prensky

Are you frustrated with your weight and looking for a new solution? If so, then cold laser therapy weight management might be a perfect fit for you.

Over the years, there have been many weight loss programs, and each has made claims about what they can do for you in terms of reaching your ideal body weight. With some, it was mixing the right foods at the right time of day – such as the Fit for Life Diet. Other programs have you eliminate your favorite foods and others have you eat their expensive prepackaged foods. Yuck! In the end, most of these fad diets and calorie counting regimens fail to accomplish lasting results, and the weight comes back.

Today, science is taking the lead on a plethora of health-related issues; chief among them – controlling your weight. In Eastern medicine, acupuncture has been used for centuries to deal with a host of maladies; among them – weight control. Cold laser therapy treatments can get the same or better results than acupuncture, without the puncture. A cold laser therapy treatments may address many AcuPoints corresponding to weight control, hunger cravings and endorphin feel good points. It's completely painless and afterwards many people state that they feel good, relaxed and calm.  

Scalar Laser YOGA StillPoint Experience

In addition to treating key acupoints as explained above, the laser can be used over the organs, liver, ileocecal valve, small and large intestines to support digestion and elimination. Using the cold laser in this way helps to restore the natural functioning of these systems and get them back to optimum levels of performance.

Next, a key factor in over-eating is stress. Most people have too much stress on a regular basis and lack constructive ways to alleviate it. By using a good cold laser, your stress and anxiety levels can be significantly reduced; thus easing your cravings for food. The laser gently penetrates through your skin to balance and activate your glands, acupoints and nerve endings. Key points when treated with the laser give the body a natural “high” as a result of the activated endorphins flowing through the blood stream. Natural endorphins such as Dopamine and Serotonin help to improve your mood, reduce cravings, and act as an anesthetic.

Another real plus to using cold lasers for weight loss is that the laser is used to stimulate your own body into action. This is not like some thermal blanket wrap or sauna heat treatment. With those sorts of treatments, your body is being heated up; not so with cold laser. Cold laser treatments support a natural biochemical reaction that is in harmony with the individual. Thus, your body is being supported to help itself; and you can repeat the treatment as often as needed. There is no danger of suffering from any long term negative side effects that come with pharmaceutical and other treatments.

If some of this information is sounding kind of out there or far fetched then congratulations, you are not alone. I too was a skeptic until I tried it out for myself. I received many treatments of acupuncture, reflexology, auricular therapy, Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, acupressure and other therapies, evaluating each of them for their ability to achieve results. Honestly, they didn't all work for me and I can see how some different styles and techniques would work for one person but not for another. I acknowledge that there is no one thing fits all, and some people may not receive the same benefits from cold laser therapy as others. However, I also believe that it has a chance of positively affecting a greater level of success than other techniques or I would not be sharing it with you right now. My personal success and the outstanding results that I have witnessed in others over my 15 year career as a cold laser specialist continue to motivate me to spread the good word.

I am also a big fan of Auricular Therapy for weight management, because it is easy to apply and can be used to address a large variety of human conditions and imbalances. A cold laser probe such as the laser probes available with the Scalar Wave Laser are ideal for the treatment of acu-points, because treatment is quick, easy, effective and completely painless.

Many of the points in the ear are surprisingly good for helping to diminish stress by inducing natural endorphins, prostaglandins and hormones that induce a state of relaxation, which supports sleeping better, overcoming addictions to drugs, food, alcohol and cigarettes. Also great for people who suffer from depression and pain. It's good to stimulate points that support dopamine secretion, adrenal glands and Endocrine production, plus points that activate hormone balancing and activate secretion of endorphins. There are points for Brain, Occiput, Anti-Depressant, Master Sensorial and Cerebral points that support the balancing of the mind, body, emotions and that help to reduce cravings and activate hunger regulators and pain regulators. I now look at it like this. Cold lasers are a tool that give you the ability to access and stimulate the pharmacopia of your brain. It's like a key that unlocks your own private medicine cabinet and the great thing is, it's all natural, super safe and surprisingly affective.

Ear acupuncture is known as Auricular Therapy. 

Use of frequencies is sometimes practiced according to the zones and specific acupuncture points and was perfected by French neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier. Following is a chart of the ear that reveals a great map of where to treat for what. Of course this is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice.

Auricular Therapy

Probe and point style laser devices are especially designed for
modern ear acupuncture

I prefer the SWL 780 or 650 probe for treating ear and body points. However, an alternate method is to use a larger round, cluster type cold laser that can be easily used for treating the entire ear and all of the auricular points simultaneously. Both methods have their merits. 

About Auriculotherapy with Cold Laser or Low Level Laser

Auriculotherapy with a cold laser is the stimulation of points on the external ear and in some cases meridian points on the face, hand and wrist, to support healing and aid many health conditions. It works especially well for pain reduction, stress relief and all kinds of addictions. Based on years of experience, experts believe that auricular stimulation leads to a reduction in the patient’s need for the substances. It reduces cravings for nicotine, alcohol, drugs and food.

Such impressive and significant outcomes with laser auricular acupuncture are based on the recent observation that the ear represents a door into the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. In 1997, a consensus panel of the US National Institutes of Health gave approval to the practice of acupuncture, which included an evaluation of those studies that supported the use of ear acupuncture for pain and addiction.

Commonly Used Points for Weight Control are included with the device.


* I have been using the scalar laser for about a month. I have lost weight and the swelling in my left leg has gone down and circulation increased. I have more energy and awareness. Also experiencing pain relief in my hips. I feel very relaxed after I use the laser. Thank you!

– Irving G.

*I was diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter and hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed thyroid replacement so I could get out of bed and combat depression and obesity. After using the laser, I now have normal thyroid functions test results, no depression, and much more energy and have enjoyed significant weight loss.
– Julie R.

* Dear Kalon Prensky,

I am so very happy to share my experience with the Scalar Wave Cold Laser. I am a massage therapist & have many clients that massage helped somewhat but with the laser I am seeing great progress. Here are but a few awesome true stories. One man had a nerve pinched in his elbow joint & was scheduled for surgery - the surgeons office was not responding to his calls & he was getting frustrated as he was in pain daily & rapidly losing strength in that arm/hand. I received the laser & after the very first session he called me that night & said he'd had no pain that day & the strength was renewed. He was blown away & so was I. I had also done an unwind protocol on his wife & she was in shock because the fist size spasm in her buttock area was released. One woman's hearing in her left ear was so bad she couldn't use that side to talk on the phone - after one session - her hearing is restored. On & on - I have found great success in 90% of the people - after 1-3 sessions.

I was hesitant to purchase this at first because it is a big expense for me (although comparatively, it is very inexpensive!)- but worth every cent because it has helped so many people - its the best investment ever!

-Namaste –

* Just wanted to share something with you; I programmed the nine solfeggio frequencies into one setting and woooooah!! It shifts stuff that even the other settings (which are all excellent btw) couldn't reach! My root chakra was completely paralysed it turns out, but after 12 minutes of solfeggios it completely opened, releasing 20-odd years of tension...feel like a new man today!

- P. Brooks

* Results may vary from person to person.



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