Discover Laser Acupuncture

DISCOVER the oldest and greatest healing method ever devised with a modern day twist.¬†Acupuncture points on the body have been mapped out and proven to exist beyond a shadow of a doubt.¬† Acupuncture was born from a rich history and profound philosophy of how the body systems work in concert with nature and energy flow. […]

Chiropractic Cold Laser

Take Your Chiropractic Practice to the Next Level with a Scalar Wave Laser Chiropractic Laser Package discussed below Cold Laser Therapy is a proven, effective game-changer. A world-class method of helping your clients in ways that were previously not possible. A perfect compliment to spinal adjustments, Kinesiology or muscle testing, natural pain relief and neurological […]

500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols

Laser therapists are often asking, what else can I do with my laser?Are there more protocols available for cold laser therapy?How do you know where to use the laser for what symptoms and conditions?Can you use a laser on the micro-systems?How do you use a laser on the micro-systems?How do you know what points on […]