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Our #1 Selling Most Popular Class 4 Laser for Equine and Veterinary Laser Applications is the REMY VET30W. 

This 30 Watt Dual Wave, REMY Class 4 Laser now Includes a complimentary internal battery for field work. We also include the popular Laser Rollerball for laser massage. Large and Small Animals experience exceptional results. Optional Class IV surgical kit available including training.

Also available, are the Class 4, 9 Watt or 10 Watt REMY VET10W Animal Care Laser single wave (if you can’t afford a 30W laser)

Also, a NEW Animal Light Therapy Device is now Available. It’s called the LZR UltraBright 10 Watt Horse & Pet Scanner

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We provide free custom templates to help you to promote REMY laser therapy in your practice or clinic with custom marketing materials and more. Free Class 4 Laser Training including surgical procedures if needed. Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

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For over 30 years horses and small or large animals have been successfully treated with veterinary laser therapy. A class 4 veterinary laser or class 4 equine laser is the best option in the industry for consistent, reliable, effective laser therapy. This treatment method has been a mainstay among top horse trainers and the racing/show horse community because it works to speed recovery from injuries and enhance performance when in counts. 

As word spreads of the fantastic results with class 4 laser therapy and deep tissue laser therapy with all forms of animal patients, the demand is groning. Class 4 laser therapy is increasingly popular among Veterinarians due to its ease of use, fast treatments and effective results that are not easily obtained any other way. Some veterinary laser practitioners really appreciate the safety and effectiveness of offering class 4 laser minor laser surgical procedures. Different types of equine practitioners, such as equine physical therapists and equine massage therapists, as well as private horse owners who wish to shorten the duration of an injury or illness in their horse are also fond of Equine Laser Therapy devices and equipment.

Now you can choose from a variety of SAFE, EASY-TO-USE, Class 4 Lasers and LZR UltraBright Units from CLASS4LASERS.com. Horse lasers are now better than ever before, with more power, more treatment options and they are easier to use by the average person. They Quickly alleviate pain and inflammation, ease Arthritis, joint and spine issues and dramatically speed up the healing of wounds. With horses there are many different indications for treatment with laser therapy. These lasers are prized and coveted by horse trainers of sport and show horses due to increased performance and accelerated recovery. 

Below you will find a generous selection of Class 4 and Class 3b laser therapy devices for horse treatment applications such as pain relief, wound healing and surgical procedures starting with
the Remy VET30W 30 Watt 2-Wave Veterinary & Equine Class IV Laser with Optional Surgery kit (Includes Internal Battery) or REMY VETQ27W 27.2 Watt Quad Wave or REMY VET10W (Single Wave).

Helps with Tendon & Ligament Injuries, Wounds, Spinal, Hoof, Shin, Back & Joint Pain Issues

Choose From A Dozen Veterinary Lasers & Equine Lasers from 4 Top Laser Manufacturers:

The REMY Class IV Laser System is Only 4.6 lbs & Avail in 10, 27 & 30 Watts with an optional surgery tool package available for Veterinarians:

LZR7 Offers Desktop ZX2 and Portable Pro 3M Controllers that Power Your Choice of 7 Different Emitters in Class 3B and Class IV Emitter Options

Equine Injuries:
Horses have extensor and flexor tendons, located on the front and back of the fore and hind limbs. Tendon injuries occur fairly often in horses. Horse health can become compromised when it is injured or in persistent pain. A veterinarian can use an ultrasound scanning device to diagnose tendon injuries. Cold lasers can be effectively used with great results for a wide range of issues from spine, bone and skeletal issues to soft tissues, inflammation reduction and impressive wound healing to name just a few applications. Laser Therapy Equine Devices are used directly over compromised body systems to support rapid healing, pain relief and reduction of inflammatory conditions including Arthritis.

Most horse tendon ailments occur in the flexor tendons:

  1. Superficial digital flexor tendon
  2. Deep digital flexor tendon
  3. Suspensory ligament
  4. Check ligaments

Re. item 1:
If the superficial digital flexor tendon is swollen, the limb will have a bow on the back side. This is called a bowed tendon. Lameness may be present and can vary from slight to severe. In most cases, this injury is seen in the fore limb in galloping, jumping, and dressage horses while the injury most often occurs in the hind limb in trotter, driving, and work horses.

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Re. item 2: If disease occurs in the deep digital flexor tendon, the limb will be diffusely swollen and lameness may also be present and can vary from slight to severe. Pictured here is an example of laser treatment of the deep digital flexor tendon in a Horse. 

Re. item 3: If disease occurs in the suspensory ligament, the limb will also be swollen and the horse may be lame to different degrees.

Re. item 4: If the check ligaments are injured, the degree of lameness can vary. It is not possible to describe this in a short and precise manner, however, in the acute state, the horse will generally show signs of lameness and pain. When you touch and push on an area where the tendon is swollen, the horse will show signs of pain. These are the obvious locations to apply the healing, soothing, pain relieving, inflammation reducing cold laser therapy treatment.

More powerful lasers work faster per treatment point and the larger surface area of the laser head the more surface area covered. 
The REMY Laser Zoom Emitter can be adjusted from a narrow beam of 15mm or a wide angle of 30mm.
Equine and Canine Laser Therapy Treatments are painless to the horse or dog, easy to apply for the user and the results are tried 
and true with decades of proven success. We also offer a rollerball that dogs and horses absolutely love.
It’s very easy to use the class iv laser massage roller as it glides over the surface and can be massaged into tight or sore muscles.

Equine Back Pain

All pain in the back region from, for instance, muscle tensions and pain from things like a poor saddle fit or changes in the bones, results primarily in stiffness and other symptoms in the horse’s back. Be aware that similar symptoms, such as muscle stiffness and pain, are also seen as secondary symptoms of lameness in one or more limbs, and in those cases attempts to treat the back problem will have no effect before the primary problem is resolved, which is why a thorough examination is recommended.
Remy Equine Laser for Race Horses
REMY Equine Laser for Race Horses

Equine lower back and leg issues decrease a horse’s ability to perform, and yet they are very common. These issues can be found in the bones, spine and muscle structures of your horse.

Treating back pain and leg tendon and ligament issues in horses is fast and easy with class 4 laser therapy. It is effective because the laser stimulates the natural healing response, quickly reducing pain and inflammation. Class 4 laser therapy soothes and heals muscle injuries, reduces and relaxes tensions, and loosens up the muscle so the transfer of blood is more effective and the muscles are able to absorb nutrients and discard waste products more effectively. 

Veterinary Laser Equine Wound Healing with Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is especially suitable for treating wounds. Laser therapy accelerates coagulation and granulation, resulting in quicker wound healing, plus it also reduces or eliminates the formation of scar tissue that follows. Generally, the sooner a wound is cleaned and treated with laser therapy, the lower the risk of infection and the faster the wound tends to heal. It accelerates granulation of the wound and destroys bacteria that would further complicate the injury.

Talking about laser therapy for the treatment of wounds in horses, professional Fox Trotter trainer Kenneth Nielsen says:

“Most horses develop a wound at some point, in the stable or during training/running. If you treat the wound with laser therapy, at a distance with a sweeping motion, any skepticism about the effects of the laser will disappear. It’s obvious that the healing is significantly faster”.

In fact, wounds were one of the earliest indications for laser therapy, which was discovered during animal testing.

Equine Hoof Thrush

Thrush is an infection in the hoof of a horse, in the region of the frog. It occurs when the horse is standing in very moist conditions, in their stable or paddock. It can be avoided by regularly keeping the hoofs clean and dry.

If the horse still develops thrush, the condition can be stopped in the early stages with laser treatment. We have seen examples where thrush has subsided within just a couple of days. Laser therapy activates an innate healing response. 

Choosing a Veterinary Laser for Horses

Which laser should you choose for treating horses?
Many people think they need a device in the $20,000 range to help their horse via laser therapy, but that really is not necessary. At class4lasers.com we offer numerous Class 4 Lasers and LZR UltraBright Light Therapy Devices at highly competitive prices without sacrificing quality or performance. We have class 4 lasers available without a prescription for animal applications. You need a laser that is powerful enough to treat the muscle structure of your horse and one that can also be turned down for treating wounds and superficial tendons with inflammation. With a Class 4 laser such as the REMY RV10W or REMY VET30W you can experience the fastest and most effective treatments possible. 

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Equine Laser Therapy