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Scalar Wave Family Pack

The Scalar Wave Laser Family Package / Pro Package includes 2 Main Unit Scalar Wave Lasers in your choice of 2 colors: Silver or Violet, and all 3 probes as shown below. Ideal for families and practitioners who realize that having just one laser is rarely enough.

The Family Pack is the 5th of 5 Package Choices:
You receive 2 SWL Main Units in your choice of Silver or Violet, and add all Three 100 mW Probes (a Red, IR and Violet)
• 1 780 nm Infrared 100mW Pulsar Probe
• 1 650 nm Red 100mW Pulsar Probe
• 1 405 nm Violet 100mW Viowave Probe

It comes with the following additional bonuses:
• Users Manual
• 11 Custom Modes
• Battery Charger
• 1 Year Warranty
• Customized training program from if purchased through

PRICE is Regularly $10,790 with SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE DUE TO CURRENT SALES PROMOTION, which is updated monthly on the main page of Prices and Ordering Click Link for current SALE prices.

To Summarize, you will receive a Complete Scalar Wave Laser Family/Pro Package at a generous sale price while supplies last. We pledge to always offer you the lowest prices, best package deals, unbeatable training materials and ongoing support as needed.

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Laser Image: 
Quantunwave Family Pack -