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Healing at Home Laser Therapy and Pain Relief

Healing at Home Laser Therapy has Never Been Easier. Now you can finally get rid of that nagging pain and start rebuilding your body, joints and spine.

Home laser therapy for yourself, children, family members, friends, pets, cats, dogs and horses is now possible. It's more than possible, it's a reality being practiced by tons of people all over the planet. People just like you are using cold lasers aka low level lasers to practice cold laser therapy at home on themselves, their family and their pets. Tens of thousans of customers worldwide are successfully using the Scalar Wave Laser therapy systems with outstanding success and ease.

Home laser therapy usually starts with pain relief or wrinkle reduction, but you will discover that it goes much much further. The healing processes that Clinical and scientific research by NASA scientists, esteemed Doctors and top Universities worldwide are revealing about cold laser therapy (CLT) are extensive. This technology is super safe and effective and backed by over 50 years of research and practice. There are over 4000 pier reviewed studies and clinical trials proving the efficacy of Cold Laser Therapy. You can quickly review numerous clinical studies and cold laser research studies on our cold laser clinical studies pages. The number of treatment options and the large scale of therapeutic functions and applications of cold laser therapy is exceptional.

Scalar Wave Lasers are FDA cleared, super safe to use, and affordable to buy without a prescription for home and pro use on Arthritis and inflammatory conditions. It relieves pain, increases blood circulation and relaxes contracted tissues. The therapeutic benefits from regularly administered cold laser therapy include: increasing cellular energy (ATP), increasing blood circulation and nerve regeneration, increasing osteoblasts, fibroblasts, collagen and elastin and significantly reducing inflammation. People are reporting significant results beyond just pain relief with rebuilding knees and joints, alleviating degenerative discs and subluxations and overcoming Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Scalar Wave Testimonial

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Why buy from Discover Lasers LLC? Because as a cold laser specialist Mr. Kalon Prensky can help you learn to use and benefit from low level laser therapy in your life for the treatment of many symptoms and conditions. Plus, he can get you the best cold laser or low level laser equipment at the best price. He can help you in ways that other laser companies can not simply because he has more experience and is dedicated to your success and satisfaction as a laser user. Kalon can answer all of your questions and provide you with support based on over 30 years experience working with the healing arts as a Certified Dietary Technician since 1989, Reiki Practitioner since 1984, Massage Therapist since 1984 and therapy equipment company owner since 1990. Kalon has 15 years experience working with and sharing dozens of cold lasers since 2002. He has extensive experience working with thousands of home use laser users and hundreds of practitioners. This is what Kalon Prensky does full time. He is a real Cold Laser Specialist. Available Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm Hawaii Time for FREE CONSULTATION. Ph 808-870-0348 or Send Kalon an email. See his picture on the right if you want.

scalar wave laser scaler lasers

Home Laser Therapy and Pain Management - No Special Skills Needed

You don't have to have any special skills to use a cold laser. Anyone can learn the special techniques and knowledge that Kalon teaches, which will give you better results and superior performance from your cold laser. Kalon has available for you the world's best FDA Cleared home use approved over the counter (OTC), multi-technology home and pro use cold laser unit or device for personal and professional use. This therapeutic healing cold laser stands head and shoulders above other cold lasers and low level lasers in the field because it is designed with total safety and ease of use in mind.

At home laser therapy is gaining greater popularity as many people are finally discovering that this amazing, life-enhancing technology actually exists and that it is easy to apply. Once you try it, it doesn't take long to realize how well the body responds to the healing power of coherent laser light. Many customers ask, "Why haven't I heard about this technology until now?" The fact is, it's been around for over 50 years (since the 60's). It has been a main stay in Asia and Europe from the beginning. In Canada it was originally embraced for use with animals with a 30 year proven track record, especially in supporting the performance and recovery of show horses and dogs. In the US cold laser therapy was embraced for nearly 20 years in the horse racing and show horse community before the first lasers received FDA clearance for use on humans in 2002. Now it is a rapidly growing field of complimentary medicine and also used by nearly all professional sports organizations and teams, including in the Olympics.

Understanding How Laser Therapy Developed

Albert Einstein originally helped to bring LASER to fruition. Although he did not invent the laser his work laid the foundation for it to be created back in the 60's. He said, 

healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers, terraquant
"I will think for the rest of my life about what light is." 
Albert Einstein, who first theorized L.A.S.E.R., which means: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

We are essentially light beings. Your cells actually communicate with each-other via light energy. Every cell in the body that is weak, injured, toxic or sluggish in any way can greatly benefit from cold laser therapy. Why? Because stress, contraction, inflammation and lack of energy are the major causes of all dis-ease.

Most cold lasers can support reduction of inflammation and increased available cellular energy. However, what the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser does that is different than other lasers is to unwind and re-polarize the cells from cellular stress and contraction using patented scalar technology, while simultaneously decreasing inflammation and increasing bio-available cellular energy at multiple depths of penetration, due to the use of multiple wavelengths including red, infrared and violet all working simultaneously together.

Home Use Laser Therapy - Choosing the Right Cold Laser

Many people are asking, "What is the best cold laser on the market?"
Most lasers only use red, infrared or sometimes both, but not violet. The violet wavelength is significant because it carries way more information than all the other wavelengths and is the ultimate anti-aging wavelength. The combination of all 3 wavelengths makes possible a whole new reality.

SWL Therapeutic Laser, Healing Laser, Laser Opportunity, LLLT

When challenges or problems in your life present themselves, it's up to you to discover the opportunity. Everything happens for a reason. Shift happens when you learn to turn those Problems into Solutions.  For me the opportunity occurred when I discovered cold lasers back in 2002. The shift happened in my physical body as the laser unleashed a healing power within me that had been lying dormant for decades. My shattered and beaten hand and wrist was given a new life, my degenerative disc in my neck and restricted range of motion was alleviated and health was restored. Learning to achieve and maintain balance is a major key to navigating the many challenges that life can present. The SWL provides an ongoing opportunity to produce  significant shifts in mind, body and emotions. Regular use of the SWL has given me something that I never dreamt possible. It has restored my health and given me a new  lease on life. This experience has been precious beyond words. No more constant nagging pain, no more weak hand grip, no more, "I can't do that, and that, and that...." Now I am committed to giving back and dedicated to helping you. Life is short and precious and I want you to be able to live it to the fullest.

You Can Make Shift Happen

With the healing power of Cold Laser Therapy aka Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT you are being given the opportunity to make shift happen on many levels. By tapping into your body's innate knowledge and healing power, and supplying injured and aging cells with precious life giving energy and information; you can turn back the ravages of time. You can alter the course of aging, wrinkles, skin conditions, injuries, and accidents. You can be a part of the solution. You can take back control of your condition and be part of the solution with natural, painless, non-invasive cold laser therapy, and without even leaving home if you make an investment in your own cold laser.

As you can see, the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy are extensive and varied. What Quantumwave has done to ensure that the maximum level of therapeutic benefits are achieved through use of the Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is combine the therapeutic benefits of 3 different healing laser wavelengths (Red, Infrared and Violet) with the Patented, cell clearing benefits of Scalar Waves, and the Deep UNWINDING and Cell Enhancing effects of numerous Hz settings such as those researched and promoted by the likes of Raymond Rife, Jack Schwartz, Hulda Clark, Robert Beck and Dr. Paul Nogier.

Now we have a highly advanced, ultra-portable, easy to use, digitally enhanced, user programmable, healing tool that fits in the palm of the hand, and delivers the healing benefits of the 5 healing gifts explained above.

The Scalar Wave Laser has been equally embraced by both practitioners and home users alike. It is advanced and powerful enough for most practitioners to use in their practice and yet safe enough and easy enough to be used regularly in the homes of those who are fortunate enough and smart enough to "get it". The SWL is a priceless tool for healing, pain relief, anti-aging, cellular rejuvenation and so much more.

scalar wave laser scaler lasers

Woman holding Scalar Wave Laser  scalar wavestar laser package super pro pack

Once you get familiar with using your Quantum Scalar Wave Laser
you are never going to want to live without it.
The SW Laser supports a whole new quality of life.

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scalar wave laser scaler lasers

Some of the features of the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser that I absolutely love and that set this laser apart from other lasers are as follows:

• The Shape of the laser - the design is beautifully rounded and flat and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and lies easily against the body or slips comfortably under the clothes. This is a big deal, trust me, I have used a lot of lasers that are not practical or comfortable in design, or are just too simplistic.

• Cordless and rechargeable - allowing total flexibility of where and when you use your laser from the bed to an airplane and everywhere in between. The more you use it the more you benefit (within reason). Corded lasers are very limiting.

• Multiple wavelengths - not one, not two but three therapeutic wavelengths.

• Not just a laser - featuring multiple healing technologies: cold laser, LED, Hz frequencies, Patented Scalar Technology.

• Ease of use - the SWL is very user friendly and anyone can quickly learn to use it. Especially with my exclusive training available to customers who purchase through Discover Lasers LLC.

• Extremely safe - so much so that it has the best FDA clearance in the industry including OTC, meaning anyone can purchase it without a license or prescription and you don't have to wear eye goggles when using it. Also approved by Health Canada, TGA Australia and has achieved the highly coveted CE Mark, gaining it approval in the UK and throughout Europe.


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The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. No statements made here are intended as medical claims or advice and is for informational purposes only. © 2016-17 Discover Lasers and Kalon Prensky
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