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Every once in awhile a product comes along that stands tall above the rest. Something that resonates deeply within the soul and delivers a therapeutic touch that goes far beyond the physical. 

                                   Lotus Laser     

Discover the Lotus Laser REJUVENATION Revelation.
An advanced Quantum Healing device that crowns them all. 

The Lotus Laser is the first of it's kind all violet, digital, hand-held, portable laser for anti-aging, rejuvenation, skin care and much more. Not only is it a revolutionary all violet laser, but it also incorporates a patented scalar technology for clearing outdated cellular memory and a frequency generator for delivering proprietary frequency information to the cells. Prepare to REJUVENATE!

Violet laser light has qualities that attract those who are more spiritual. Those who have a deep connection with nature and energy and information. People who want to heal themselves and others, and who understand and believe in Chakras, and color therapy and vibrational medicine and Quantum Physics. The Lotus Laser is a landmark laser unlike any that has ever come before it. This isn't just a violet laser, it's a quantum therapeutic healing device which defies our ability to fully explain all of the benefits that it provides. 

              Lotus laser

Following is a list of some of the most common benefits of 405 nm Violet Wavelength Laser Therapy as revealed by worldwide research. This list is not intended to be viewed as a cure or a medical claim and has nothing to do directly with the Lotus laser.

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Benefits of using the 405 nm Violet Wavelength Include:

• Activates Lymph

• Supports DNA

• Benefits white matter in the brain

• Supports neurons

• Helps with Subtle stuff such as: Balancing energy, the field, the emotions, the chakras, enzyme functions

Increases length of the Telomeres

• Supports stem cells

Lotus has 16 true VIOLET laser diodes and 20 super violet LEDs, which all emit therapeutic violet wavelength energy in the 405 nm spectrum.

The WHITE LOTUS LASER provides users with the following benefits:

  • Lotus comes as an ultra-portable hand held, rechargeable device designed for easy use anywhere, and at any time. Conveniently slips into a purse, briefcase, backpack or glove compartment. Powered by built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries and can be used with or without a power cord.
  • Lotus comes with 11 preset settings that have a sophisticated way of meeting the needs of most users. However, Lotus also has 24 empty modes, each of which can be programmed and labeled for future use by the user with dozens of combinations of Hz settings.
  • Lotus laser has built-in patented Scalar Wave technology, which is a revolutionary way of clearing old, outdated cellular memory. Scalar energy also helps to induce subtle energy unwinding, clearing contraction, and supports one to quickly ease into a meditative state, which supports healing and rejuvenation.
  • Lotus laser induces a coherent quantum field that supports the elevation of consciousness, while simultaneously helping clear emotional baggage on a quantum level. This is a powerful benefit that is hard to quantify.
  • Lotus laser uses violet laser and light technology to deliver the premier anti-aging technology through the effect that it has on lengthening the Telomeres. A Telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration. As your Telomeres shorten or deteriorate, your aging process accelerates. Violet laser has been shown to help lengthen and heal the Telomeres, which protect a cell's chromosomes from fusing with eachother or rearranging-abnormalities, which can lead to dis-ease. Cells are normally destroyed when their Telomeres are consumed. Most cancers are the result of "immortal" cells, which have a way of evading the programmed destruction.

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The LOTUS Laser has a white body and features all violet lasers and LEDs. A total of 36 violet diodes in the LOTUS.

 LOTUS (All Violet Laser) by itself:                                           MSRP  $3,500     SALE $3,100 

All LOTUS Packages come with the following additional features:
• Users Manual
• 11 Custom Modes
• Battery Charger
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

LIST PRICE is $3,500.00 
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LOTUS SALE Price: $2,895.00 

scalar wave laser scaler lasers

Woman holding Scalar Wave Laser    scalar wavestar laser package super pro pack    Quantum Sacred Scalar Wave Laser

Once you get familiar with using your Quantum Scalar Wave Laser
you are never going to want to live without it.
The SW Laser supports a whole new quality of life.


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The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. No statements made here are intended as medical claims or advice and is for informational purposes only. Results may vary from person to person. 
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Lotus Laser