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Are you receiving the most value out of your therapeutic laser?

Modern Cold Laser Technology provides many options and choices. 
But, how do you use those features for the best results? 

Now you can get over 500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols that can be
effective with ALL Therapeutic Lasers and Laser Therapy Devices

You may be surprised to learn that the answer to many peoples health challenges stems from a 5,000 year-old healing art and the culmination of 2 Popular Books on COLD LASER THERAPY with over 250 Cold Laser Protocols in each. Many people buy a laser, but fail to attain the full healing benefits and therapeutic results they desire due to a lack of quality education and minimal protocols. As a laser specialist for over 20 years, I have worked with thousands of laser users and have seen first hand how many laser owners struggle to identify how to maximize the value and effectiveness of their cold laser. My goal was to solve this significant problem, thus dramatically increasing the value of your laser by increasing beneficial results for all laser users. Now you can look up symptoms and conditions by their name in alphabetical order and find easy to apply protocols for hundreds of issues. Further down you can see a list of some of the important lessons you will learn in this valuable book.

Hello Friend,

For over 36 years I have studied and taught holistic healing. In 2001 a severe automobile accident nearly ruined my life. For over a year I tried everything out there to get relief and nothing worked. I started my cold laser business in 2002 after Cold Laser Therapy gave me a new lease on life. I decided right there and then to dedicate my life to this life-transforming field of medicine after personally being RELIEVED of severe pain, degenerative disc issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Arthritis, and regular muscle spasms, all thanks to cold laser therapy, which I administered to myself after receiving 3 treatments from a laser practitioner. It was easy to do and I could hardly believe how well it worked. It felt like a miracle! Why hadn’t anyone told me about this before I kept thinking to myself? No drugs, no surgery, and just a simple one-time investment in a cold laser and I could use it on myself, my family and pets as needed. 

Through the use of Cold Laser Therapy I was given my life back, total mobility, strength, flexibility and the ability to say, “Yes I can”, instead of no I can’t”. I was so happy I went out and purchased a truckload of tools and spent the next three years building a house overlooking the ocean because I could, and it was my dream to do so. 

Now my goal is to give back to others the gift of good health and productive pain-free living that was given to me. I wrote these books to support you and all those who are suffering. Let the healing begin!

I hear these and other questions all the time.

“What is Cold Laser Therapy and how can it help me?”
“What protocols do I use for my condition?”
“What do all of these terms and protocols mean?”
“What is a micro-system and how do you treat it?”
” I’ve heard of Auricular Therapy, but how can I do it for myself?”
“How can I locate and treat an acupoint with a cold laser?
“How do I know where to use the laser & how long to get the right ‘dose‘?”
“Does cold laser work for treating more than just pain relief?”
“Is it safe for children and the elderly to use cold lasers?
“Can I use a cold laser on my cat, dog or horse?
“Can you help me to learn how to use my cold laser more effectively?”

NEW BONUS: Now offered for FREE with your purchase of the 22 AcuPoint Healing System.
You will receive a Complimentary 283 pg BONUS eBook of
250 Additional Picture Based Protocols, providing you with OVER 500 COLD LASER THERAPY PROTOCOLS,
plus over a dozen charts on healing with micro-systems: Ears, Hands and Feet.

Have you ever purchased a power tool, like a drill? You just want to make a hole in the wall to hang a picture. The manual will tell you how to change the bits and how to safely drill a hole, but it won’t teach you where and how high to hang a picture on the wall, so your room feels enhanced (which is what you really wanted in the first place).
Yes, your cold laser USER manual will tell you how to turn it on and off and take care of the laser, but it may not tell you WHEN, WHERE, HOW LONG and WHY you should use certain protocols, if it provides protocols at all.
My friend and co-author, Monte Cunningham and I each have over 30 years experience working with acupoints, reflexology and auricular therapy. I have over 20 years full time experience as a cold laser specialist. Monte has written several books on acupoint therapy. Together we have combined our knowledge and sourced our protocols from over 300 acupuncturists. THIS new book offered here explains a simple — but effective — system for cold laser users that anyone can apply. It really is easy and fun to learn how to treat the interrelated parts of the body to support optimum health, healing and pain relief without drugs or surgery.

The Power of Acupoints and Cold Laser Therapy — Combined!

I’d love to say this system is “new and revolutionary”, but the truth is, it is based on “advanced wisdom and knowledge” used and refined for over 5,000 years.
Now, thanks to 21st Century medicine and technology, this ancient art has been combined with science and is practiced as Cold Laser Therapy (CLT), also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This form of therapeutic light technology gives you an amazing new tool to support whole body healing and pain relief. CLT is perfectly safe, even for children and the elderly.
Acupressure and acupuncture is the third most popular method for treating pain and illness in the world. It is a complete health care system that has been documented for treating over 1000 symptoms and conditions. This is a proven, natural, cost-effective system that can radically improve quality of life for you or for your patients. 

Anything that you can do with a needle or pressure, you can do with a cold laser, only more effectively, much faster, easier and totally painless. 

Help at Your Fingertips, When You Need It

Once you obtain a cold laser, all you need is a guidebook that will provide specific, Cold Laser Therapy: 22 Acupoint Healing Systemeasy-to-use instructions on how to get the maximum benefit from your revolutionary new tool.
This 22 Acupoint Healing System Book list 250 common symptoms and conditions in alphabetical order with optimum points indicated for each issue. It contains protocol charts, pictures, descriptions and information to quickly and easily treat 22 major acupoints in specific combinations to support healing and relief of over 250 common ailments.
PLUS, the book has recently been updated to include a comprehensive overview of the Micro-Systems, with numerous charts of the ears, hands and feet. These charts reveal the key points to treat organs, glands, spine, limbs and many common issues. You are going to love using cold lasers to treat the Mircro-Systems for healing.



KEEP READING, Because 2 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols Books is Even Better Than One.

The 22 Acupoint Healing System takes the mystery out of Acupoints and turns a Cold Laser into a Powerful Healing Tool that anyone can use. “BETTER THAN ACUPUNCTURE!” Painless, Powerful, Effective Therapy for Everyone. No offense meant to Acupuncturist. It’s just that many people prefer to NOT be punctured with a needle.

The 22 Acupoint Healing System is a form of aculight therapy, which is essentially cold laser therapy combined with and applied to the ancient acupoint system that has been perfected for over 5000 years. Cold lasers have been used for over 50 years to support painless whole body healing and pain relief, free from drugs and surgery.
Cold lasers are extremely safe, having gained worldwide use and acceptance by most major sports teams, and most worldwide major health regulatory agencies including the US FDA, Health Canada, CE Mark, TGA Australia and others. Cold lasers are super safe, low powered, coherent light emitting devices that do not heat or damage cells or tissues. Rather, the cold laser uses specifically chosen light wavelengths measured in nanometers (nm) to bio-stimulate the cells, tissues, blood and endorphins in such a way that it offers numerous therapeutic benefits.

eBook with 250 Additional Cold Laser Protocols, called AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0

2 eBOOKS for the Price of ONE.
You get, Cold Laser Therapy: 
Over 250 Protocols Made Easy with the 22 Acu-Point Healing System & AcuPoint 3.0
(Now bundled with a Fantastic New 283 pg BONUS eBook AcuPoint 3.0 with 250 Additional Protocols). That’s OVER 500 COLD LASER PROTOCOLS.

When Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) is combined and used to treat acupoints, as in the following 22 Acupoint Healing System, an extra measure of benefits is initiated. Treatment of acupoints gently induces a natural Healing Response (HR) through the body. When one or more acupoints along a meridian or multiple meridians are treated with a cold laser beam, bio-stimulation is activated, energy flow is restored and the natural body repair system is launched into a healing mode. Fortunately there are only a few minor contraindications, which are also listed in the book.
When learning Aculight Therapy (AT), the goal is to know the points that will produce the desired healing response for the conditions you want to repair. Thanks to over 5000 years of actively using and recording acupoints around the world — especially in Asia and India — we have come to learn which acupoints correspond with which meridians, organs, and health challenges. The presence of dis-ease symptoms reveals a sign of imbalance in one or more energy systems of the body. Through repetitive aculight treatments, the body learns a new and effective way to activate the Healing Response, thus balancing specific body systems, clearing energy blockages and supporting the body to heal itself. Treatment benefits are cumulative and build on each other to produce greater results over time.
By learning about and treating combinations of the 22 most preferred, major acupuncture points (acupoints), you can treat many of the most common health challenges. It’s now easier than ever before. Anyone can do this!


Here are some of the things you will learn in this invaluable book:

  • How to determine your body size to easily locate specific healing acupoints on the body (pg 7)
  • How to Work with the Applications Chart to find your affected body part, symptom or condition (page 7)
  • Understanding Laser Power and Time Relationship (page 9)
  • An Alphabetical Listing of 250 Common Symptoms & Conditions with relevant protocol for each (page 10-20)
  • How to Combine Both Macro and Micro Systems to Enhance Results (page 21)
  • Understanding Auricular Therapy, the micro-system found on the ear, plus the hand and feet micro-systems revealed – point charts included (page 25)
  • Two Fantastic BONUS Auricular Therapy Charts (page 26 and 27)
  • Miniature systems of the hands and feet with numerous charts (page 28-40)
  • Additional Cold Laser Protocols (page 41 and 42)
  • The many benefits of Cold Laser Therapy explained according to worldwide research (page 43)
In 2002 an old acupuncturist of 30 years told me something that I took deeply to heart. He said, “Anything you can do with a needle or pressure via acupuncture or acupressure, you can do with a cold laser, but the laser is generally going to work much faster, easier, completely painless, non-invasive and almost entirely harmless.”
Most types of pain and a whole host of ailments can be influenced through treating acupoints, trigger points and other body points, thus balancing the meridians, relieving the symptoms and setting the body on a course for real healing and recovery. Here is a list of issues helped by acupoint therapy, that was drawn up by the World Health Organization (WHO):
Alcoholism, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds, Conjunctivitis, Cataract, Cerebral Palsy, Cough, Constipation, Chest pain, Chicken Pox, Cramps, Depression, Diarrhea, Deafness, Dizziness, Drug Addiction, Ear Infection, Edema, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Flu, Gastritis, Gout, Gums Disease, Headaches, Hot Flashes, Hyperacidity, Hypertension, Indigestion, Infection, Insomnia, Meniere’s Syndrome, Menstrual Cramps, Mumps, Nausea, Neuralgia, Neurasthenia, Numbness, Overeating, Pain, Paralysis, Pleurisy, PMS, Pneumonia, PTSD, Rhinitis, Scoliosis, Stress, Sinusitis, Stroke, Toothache, Ulcers, Vertigo, and Weight Control.


Instead of 250 Cold Laser Protocols, 

Cold Laser Therapy: 22 Acupoint Healing System


Two BOOKS for the Price of One!

This Additional Must-Have AcuPoint Protocol Guide contains over 283 pages of valuable information that you can use to support optimal wellness, health and healing. 

This book features a Visual Depiction of Corresponding AcuPoint Protocols for over 250 common Issues, followed by Q&A, Clinical Studies, a comprehensive overview on Cold Laser Therapy, plus how and why it works. You are going to love it!

You can Purchase your Cold Laser eBook right now via the safety and convenience of PayPal, or any major Credit Card.

You will receive your 2 downloadable eBooks via email within 5 minutes of purchase. For those of you who are not very computer literate, an eBook is a digital book that can be either read on almost any device, or it can be printed out and read in paper form.

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