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3 Optional Pulsar Probes are Available in 3 Laser Wavelengths:

The SWL Pulsar Probes are designed to work with and be powered by a Scalar Wave Laser main unit, which provides power & frequency.
The main SWL unit is a fully self-contained therapeutic laser, which doesn’t need anything else to work effectively.

The 3 probes comes in an aluminum cylinder, which plugs into the main unit through the included SWL data cable. Each probe feature a 100mW cold laser diode surrounded by four 5mW violet-crystal-enhanced diodes. Contrary to the main SWL unit’s wide cluster of 36-5mW diodes, the pulsar probes are stronger and more concentrated lasers for smaller treatment areas. This will increase the effective average power directed toward the injured area, which allows better penetration of the laser light over a smaller area, producing 4x faster treatments.

The Laser Probes are available in 100mW 780nm Infra-Red (IR),  100mW 650nm Red and 100mW 405nm Violet wavelengths with a full 100mW of power. All Pulsar Probes have violet crystal technology built into them and are enhanced with proprietary, active scalar waves.

  • 780 nm Infrared 100mW $1500 Now $1100

For Deep Pain, Hard Tissue Issues, Cartilage Production, Joints, Knees, Spine, Knots, Bones, Teeth, Tendons, Ligaments, Scar Tissue Reduction and the Musculoskeletal System. Ideal for treatment of trigger points, auricular points and acupoint therapy protocols.

  • 650 nm Red 100mW $1500 Now $1100

For Pain, Inflammation, Gums, Acne, Scars, Wounds, Burns, Skin, Wrinkles, Soft Tissue Issues, Nerves, Wrinkles, Elastin Production and Facial Rejuvenation. Also good for treatment of auricular points and acupoint therapy protocols.

  • 405 nm Violet 100mW $2200 Now $1700

For Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Acne, Wrinkles, nerves and emotions. The 405 nm Violet carries more information than all the other wavelengths. Research shows that violet laser supports pain relief, fighting bacteria & infections, clearing of acne and the healing of skin lesions and the activation of Telomerase enzymes to support Telomere lengthening and brain support. There is no comparison. Also good for treatment of auricular points and acupoint therapy protocols.

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  • Your choice of 1 Pulsar Probe (Red, Infrared, or Violet Laser)
  • SWL Probe Data Cable
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (parts and labor)
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