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The SWL Scalar Wave Laser Full Set Package is extremely popular. It allows for treatment of the widest range of issues in the hard tissue, soft tissue and emotional body. Each wavelength carries unique therapeutic benefits. Light medicine is here now and millions of people all over the world are taking advantage of painless, drug free healing and pain relief. The SWL main unit works by itself with 36 diodes/16 lasers/11 Essential Settings and patented scalar technology to help reset cells memory. SWL is also the power and frequency source for the 3 Pulsar Probes which are each more powerful (100mW) of concentrated individual laser wavelengths: 405nm, 650nm & 780nm over a smaller area. Ideal for acupuncture, auricular therapy and trigger point therapy with hundreds of additional protocols provided.

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  • Scalar Wave Laser - SWL Main Unit
  • 3 100mW Pulsar Probes: Red 650nm, Infrared 780nm, Violet Laser 405nm
  • 11 Essential Preset Frequency Modes
  • Universal Battery Charger (works worldwide)
  • 3 SWL Probe Data Cables
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (parts and labor)
  • FREE Shipping, Training, and Support
  • For Questions & Support, or to Order, Call 808-870-0348
  • SPECIAL OFFER THIS MONTH = FREE QIFI Purifier with Pkg Purchase ($1400 Value)

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