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The Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) main unit is made in the US, comes with 11 Preset Essential Settings, and is famous worldwide. This is the “Mother Ship” of the Scalar Wave Family of products. The SWL is an exceptional stand alone cold laser for the treatment of a wide range of soft and hard tissue issues. It’s super safe, and easy to use for everyone including children and pets. The SWL has many advanced features, 36 diodes, 3 wavelengths, covers 2.5″ surface area, patented scalar technology to clear cell memory, and blends a combination of 5 different healing energies into a single handheld, portable, rechargeable laser therapy device. SWL is FDA Cleared for home and pro use and no eyeglasses are needed. Hundreds of easy-to-use protocols, useful for pain relief, rehabilitation, Arthritis relief, sleep support, joint support, organ and gland balancing, blood cleansing, anti-aging, and rejuvenation. It works as a stand-alone low-level cold laser and can also be used with the more concentrated pulsar laser probes in Red 650nm, Infrared 780nm, and Violet 405nm wavelengths. Order yours today! Choose your preferred laser body color: Silver or Violet/Pink, or, to see more of the Scalar Laser Packages and Probes Click Here

  • SWL Scalar Wave Laser Main Unit
  • 11 Custom Frequency Modes
  • Universal Battery Charger (works worldwide)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (parts and labor)
  • FREE Shipping, Training, and Support
  • For Questions & Support, or to Order, Call 808-870-0348

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