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The SWL Scalar Wave Laser with Red 650nm Probe or InfraRed 780nm Probe are a must have combination. Take your laser therapy to the next level with the main SWL cluster head laser that uses 36 diodes in 3 wavelengths to cover 2.5″ diameter of surface area. Next, you can attach a more concentrated 100mW laser Probe to the SWL with a data cord and now you can treat hundreds of issues with needle free accupoint and trigger point therapy. Choose from the Red 650 for soft tissue issues, skin, wrinkles, wounds, burns, acne, gums and issues up to 1″. For deeper issues up to 3″ use the 780 IR probe for all hard tissue issues, joints, spine, deep pain, musculoskeletal conditions and Arthritis. Choose your probe in the drop down menu and get it with the main SWL at a generous discount.

CHOOSE THE COLOR OF YOUR NEW SWL and CHOOSE Which Probe with the drop down menus below.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • SWL Main Unit
  • 1 Pulsar Probe (Red, Infrared, or Violet Laser)
  • 11 Custom Frequency Modes
  • Universal Battery Charger (works worldwide)
  • SWL/Probe Data Cable
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (parts and labor)
  • FREE Shipping, Training, and Support
  • For Questions & Support, or to Order, Call 808-870-0348