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You will find Numerous Videos about the the World Famous, FDA Cleared Cold Laser, known as the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser or SWL for short. Some people like to read and others like to watch videos so we offer both options. To read testimonials click here.

Video Testimonials from world Renowned Yoga Instructor, Shiva Rea & Many Others

Watch Shiva Rea talk about her Scalar Wave Laser Experience

Shiva Rea

Globally renowned vinyasa yoga teacher and author.

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Scalar Wave Lasers

More Testimonials

“I have had great results with using the laser on my arthritis. My fingers were very sore and swollen. After several months of using the laser, I have no more pain and my fingers aren’t swollen and are getting back to normal size. I also had a trigger finger that would stick all the time-it doesn’t anymore!”

– Trishia B.