What distinguishes our Cold Laser Therapy Smoking Cessation lasers and protocol from others? Our Laser Smoke Cessation program is unique because it works great. It works better than any other method available. Double Blind clinical trials show that 68% of participants were still not smoking after 6 months as compared to 3% for the placebo group. The laser technology we utilized in the program is non-invasive and the treatment is pain-free. The laser does not use needles and treatment targets specific acupuncture points on the body. The treatment session is combined with motivational counseling and detoxing. The technology and protocols we developed combined with our proven method of application is specifically designed to treat smoking addiction. Our lasers and protocol are used world-wide and have treated many tens of thousands of smokers.

Cold Laser Supplies is working with a team that is dedicated to securing FDA clearance for the use of our low level lasers for smoking addiction. Backed by years of experience and clinical research, our Company has been supporting this ground-breaking technology resulting in endorsements from medical professionals’ world- wide.

We are currently enrolling for new laser customers in Clinical Trials for Smoking Addiction, Pain, Provoked Vestibulodynia and Inch loss utilizing low level laser. In many cases the clinical trials utilizes the same laser device, the only difference being the treatment protocol, laser probe used, detoxing methods and motivational aspects of the therapy. Clinical trial participation must be with our lasers and our program. A reasonable fee is charged fo on-site training at your location and complete protocol instruction and IRB participation. Please inquire about becoming part of our clinical trial team.

You can now use our low powered lasers to assist your patients in their efforts to stop smoking. Our Class 3B lasers do not cut or burn as high powered lasers do. Instead they stimulate bio-chemical reactions within the cell. The lasers are classified by the FDA as “Non-Significant Risk Devices” meaning they are less than minimal risk devices.

Our Omega Laser and Evolution Fusion Laser are being utilized to conduct additional clinical trials to document their effect on smoking addiction. In previous clinical trials, our team successfully treated over 55,000 patients worldwide to help them stop smoking. The treatment protocol is simple, non-invasive and the patient experiences no pain or discomfort.

Clients using our stop smoking program include Holland America Cruise Lines who have equipped every vessel in their fleet with our program and lasers to help employees stop smoking. Our smoking program was instituted in conjunction with HAL’s requirement that employees be smoke- free. The program initially started with 6 ships and expanded to the entire 18 Ship fleet because of the success rate achieved. Our independent centers have treated thousands of Ford Motor Company line employees and numerous other corporate clients have embraced the program. The Government of Qatar has adopted our lasers and program and made it available to its citizens. At the request of the U.S. Government Veterans Administration, we have submitted a proposal to equip certain V.A. hospitals with our lasers and stop smoking program.

In addition to all the health benefits to being a non-smoker, companies and government entities choose to utilize our smoking cessation treatment program because if their employees and citizens stop smoking, the results achieved can lead toward reduced health costs and insurance premiums, increased employee morale and dramatically improved productivity. A recent study at Penn State University shows that for every dollar spent by Government agencies on Smoking Cessation programs, the return is well in excess of the amount spent and as high as a three to one.

Partners of Cold Laser Supplies conducted the only University-based, placebo controlled, randomized double blinded and published clinical study utilizing our lasers for smoking cessation. The results of the +/- 400 person published study show that almost 68% of the participants treated were still smoke-free after 90 days while the Placebo group was less than 3%. The Study was published in the prestigious Journal of Of Chinese Medicine and can be viewed at our website.

There are two methods of treating patients. The first method treats 14 acupuncture points on the hands and ears for 20 seconds each and is administered on 4 separate sessions, days 1, 3, 7 and 14. Each session is 5 minutes of treatment time and the same points are treated in each successive session. The second method involves treating about 53 acupuncture points for 20 seconds each in one session. Treatment time is about 20 minutes. The protocol is normally administered once. If the patient subsequently feels the urge to smoke they are urged to come in for a “Booster” (re-treatment) before regression. Those patients requiring a Booster are given priority in scheduling and the same protocol is administered again. In practice both treatment methods are equally effective and each Center chooses the treatment method they wish to utilize. The laser treatment is combined with motivational therapy and detoxing as well as CO monitoring which were not part of the clinical trials but which enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Our training session includes these procedures.