Class 3R and Class 3B Cold Laser Therapy Devices for Animals

Featuring the Popular SWL Scalar Wave Laser for Animal, Equine, Pet & Veterinary Use. SWL is one of the most trusted & used Cold Lasers on the market for over 16 years. Made in the USA!

Veterinary Clinics & Home Users are taking advantage of the latest Therapeutic Laser Technologies Used by Top Pet Therapists. Our selection of super safe, high-quality, multi-wavelength lasers delivers dependable results for all animals.

Laser therapy is used by practitioners and vets throughout the world for pain relief and regenerative medicine. The scientific documentation of laser therapy in veterinary medicine is significant and documented for over 50 years. There are thousands of published studies on animal care with cold lasers and low-level laser therapy equipment in the US, Europe and Asia. In equestrian sports, the practitioners of laser therapy are very excited about the results of better performance and significantly faster recovery from injuries, sprains, tears, and wounds. We love sharing these products because our customers rave about them and the many therapeutic benefits that support a longer life cycle, increased performance, and a higher quality of life. Cats, dogs, and horses can be treated with our famous Scalar Wave lasers with excellent results for a wide range of maladies.

Low Level Laser Therapy, such as that provided by the Scalar Wave Lasers, has been researched in over 6,000 worldwide studies and reports, and is proven safe and effective for humans and animals. The SWL has the best FDA Clearance of all cold lasers on the market. Safe, Effective, compact, easy to use and portable.

Cold laser therapy has been successfully used for pain management, inflammation relief and rebuilding the physical body from the inside out on a cellular level. SWL uses wavelengths for effective pain relief, joint care, Arthritis relief, muscles, skin, wounds, acne, all soft tissues and hard tissues. It combines deep penetrating Infrared (IR) waves for joints, bones, spine, teeth and jaw, plus red wavelengths for soft tissues, skin, wrinkles, gums and acne. It also has violet wavelengths for anti-aging, immune boosting, enzyme activation and emotional balancing. 

The Main unit Scalar Wave Laser (SWL) is a perfect starter laser for treatment with 3 wavelengths simultaneously over a large surface area of 2.5″ for a wide range of maladies. If a person wants to utilize specific wavelengths in higher power concentrations for pain, accupoint treatments and trigger point therapy, the 3 optional probes can be purchased individually or as a package deal with increased discount pricing. See packages below.

The Pulsar Laser Probes come in 3 Wavelengths: Red 650nm 100mW, Infrared (IR) 780nm 100mW, and True Violet laser at 405nm 100mW (not LED). All 3 of the probes are enhanced with violet crystal and revolutionary patented scalarwave technology. Each plug-in probe is designed to work with and be driven by the Scalar Wave Laser main unit (main SWL unit is required for power and Hz frequency)


In animals, Low-Level Laser Therapy has been used to help produce results and relief for countless ailments including the following conditions:

• Stress or distress, muscle pain, trauma, joint pain, arthritis, and stiffness

• Cuts, proud flesh, scars, swellings, bruising, and edema

• Operation sites such as stitches & staples

• Accelerated wound healing and minimized scarring after injury or surgery

• Back, Leg, and Hip Injuries & Pain, including Sacroiliac symptoms

• Tendon issues & injuries, ligament injuries, adhesions, torn fibers, strains, etc.

• Feet problems such as cracks & splits, bruised soles, abscesses, and thrush

• Sinuses, tooth abscess, sore gums, and cheeks

• Arthritis, inflammation, infections, and pain

Cold Lasers are proven beneficial in supporting the following conditions in Horses, Dogs & Cats:

• General. Stress/distress, muscle pain, trauma, swellings, joint pain, stiffness & Arthritis.

• Wounds. Deep cuts, proud flesh, scars, swellings, bruising, edema, lumps.

• Operation sites. Over stitches, staples, pins, pain relief, faster wound healing, less scarring.

• Back. Pain, cold back, sore back, arthritis, bruises, strains, fibrotic myopathies, muscle pain, kissing spine.

• Hip trouble. Sacroiliac symptom.

• Skin. Acute infections, chronic infections, eczema, sunburn, cracked heels, mud fever, rain scold, hematomas, non-healing ulcers.

• Legs. Tendon injuries, tendonitis, bowed tendons, ligament injuries, inflammation, adhesions, torn fibers, strains, splints, arthritis, Spavins, ringbone, bruising, sore shins.

• Feet. Navicular, cracks & splits, laminitis, bruised soles, over-reach wounds, abscess, thrush.

• Head. Sinuses, laryngeal paralysis, congested tear ducts, tooth abscess, sore gums & cheeks.

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