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Scalar Wave Laser Videos

Following are Numerous Videos about the the World Famous FDA Cleared Cold Laser called the Scalar Wave Laser (aka Quantumwave Laser).

Within this page are educational videos and testimonial videos. I suggest that you start by learning about the Quantumwave - Scalar Wave Laser with the following 3 part series of short informative videos with 15 Year Laser Specialist, Kalon Prensky:

3 Short INFORMATIVE Laser Education VIDEOS w/ laser specialist Kalon Prensky:

*Part 1 of 3 Introduction to the Scalar Wave Laser aka Quantumwave Laser

*Part 2 of 3 Intro to Scalar Wave Lasers - The main unit and 3 probes

*Part 3 of 3 Intro to Scalar Wave Lasers - The Violet Laser, Scalar and Hz Frequency Technology

Video Testimonial from legendary recording artist Chaka Khan. See it now below:


MORE Scalar Wave Laser Video Testimonials:

• Better Sleep
• Help for children
• Serious Pain Relief

Essential Educational links about the Quantum Scalar Wave Laser:

*Intro to the SWL Features *Home Laser Therapy & Pain Relief 

*Healing Process Revealed  *Clinical Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

* Order Info, Prices and 6 Cold Laser Packages to Choose from

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Scalar Wave Laser Practitioner Testimonials:

HERE are some of the newest Videos on Stillpoint and the Scalar Wave Laser Experience

Discovering & Understanding Stillpoint, Neutrality and Inner Peace with SWL

2 Quantumwave Laser Factory Tour Videos 2011  

The Quantumwave Retreat in Vermont was exceptional. We learned many things first hand from the inventor of the Scalar Wave Laser about what makes the SWL such a high quality product. We were given a tour of the factory where they currently manufacture the Scalar Wave Laser. The factory is an iSO approved medical device manufacturing facility where they make an extremely unique therapeutic cold laser, which has obtained a rare and difficult to obtain over the counter FDA clearance.  

We were introduced to and experienced the all Violet LOTUS laser, and we learned more about the QiFi. There are two factory tour videos. The first one explains that it took 2 super challenging and very expensive years to go through the FDA clearance process. Then they got the iSO process covered where they have onsite 1-2 day audits at the factory every year and everything has to pass inspection. All this had to happen before they could get CE Mark for the UK and Europe, Australia and Health Canada clearances. Plus you will see images of the incredibly complex laser circuit board. You will see and learn how the very expensive and highly advanced machines that they have at the factory print and solder all the circuits together on the custom circuit board, and meet some of the people who make it all happen at the Vermont factory.

1st Factory Video

Run time 3-4 min. (2011 SWL Factory Tour Video Part 1)

2nd Factory Video Below

Run time 6 min.  (2011 SWL Factory Tour Video Part 2)



Please enjoy this video page and also use this link to see 30 MORE Scalar Wave Video Testimonials

LiveStream Video w/ Laser Creator Paul Weisbart

Below, Paul Shares with us that the Quantumwave network is growing around the world. He briefly shows us how he does a healing session. He explains how he has deeply studied the healing traditions of the world and that they all share common principles. He invites us to shift our perception, to unwind, let go and return to neutrality, to that place of Stillpoint. This is a relaxed place of deep contentment where we are tuned into the vast reservoir of healing energy and inner peace.

Dr. Sam Rhame shares why she loves the Scalar Wave Laser

Erase Cellular Memory             Compare Cold Lasers

Who is Paul Weisbart, inventor of the Scalar Wave Laser, and what is his message?

This video gives you a glimpse into the message that Paul brings and shares with all who are willing to listen. We are coming from a season of contraction and polarity. This is an invitation to welcome the "cooking" process, unwind into neutrality and experience the presence of Stillpoint.

This  Video Presentation is Narrated by Radio Show Host Jack Kahn on "It's a matter of your health" is featured on the Radio Show,
"It's a matter of your health" by Jack Kahn


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MORE Essential Educational links about Quantum Scalar Wave Laser:

*Intro to the SWL Features *Home Laser Therapy & Pain Relief 
*Healing Process Revealed  *Clinical Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy
* Order Info, Prices and 6 Cold Laser Packages to Choose from
*3 Intro Videos to Scalar Wave Laser w/ Laser Specialist Kalon Prensky

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The Scalar Wave Laser System is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. No statements made here are intended as medical claims or advice and is for informational purposes only. © 2016-17 Discover Lasers and Kalon Prensky
Scalar Laser YOGA StillPoint Experience


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